Epipen vs. Twinject?


I would love to hear advice on the benefits/downfalls of Epipens vs. the Twinject. I like the idea of only having one device to carry that would still have two doses, but I like being able to have two different Epipens from two different manufacturing lots in case one is "bad." I also worry about the possible malfunction issue- if one Epipen malfunctions, then you would have a second one to use to try again, but if the Twinject malfunctions on the first dose, is it likely to malfunction on the second? I just don't know enough about the Twinject I guess. Weighing the pros and cons for reducing the bulk of items to carry, but keeping in mind the risks that can come with a "bad" dose or malfunctioning pen.


On Oct 17, 2008

We have always carried the TwinJect and not too long ago practiced on some oranges with a couple of expired ones. I personally like them because they have the double dosage in one pen. The second does is a manual syringe so I suppose it *could* malfunction but we didn't have any issues on either of the ones we practiced with. I also like that they have a clip on them so for me it is easier to keep them easily accessable on a outside pocket on my purse, they are not as bulky and I can easily stick one if not two in my pocket or clipped onto my pants if I'm doing something I can't have my purse with.

We recently moved and at the hospital here they don't have TwinJect, they have EpiPen. We got the prescription filled but the TwinJects don't expire until next month so I've still been carrying them. I'm struggling to find a Epi Carrier that will give me the same benefits that I like with the TwinJects. Maybe I'm biased because I'm just used to the TwinJect, but if I'm carrying two TwinJects from two different lots that is 4 doses of epis and I would like to think that even if by chance half fail the odds are still good. But again...just my opinion! :-)