Epipen used TWICE at school. .. Help!

Posted on: Sun, 06/12/2005 - 6:34am
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Our son was given his epi-pen at school and rushed by ambulance TWICE this week.

O.k. this is a hard one...
some past history....
Our son is now almost 11 is anaphylaxic to PEANUTS and EGGS. He has had 5 previous full blown attacks, 3 of them were by touch. When I say full blown attacks I mean he immediately started sneezing, nose running none stop, lips swelled tripled in size, eyes swelled shut, face and throat covered completely in small hives.... each time I was with him (thank god!) Sorry, but the reason I am explaining his past attacks is because he was given his epi-pen twice this week at school.
Again to backtrack....
His school has been AMAZING, there are over 800 students there and 30 students have some sort of allergies or asthma.So they are up to speed.
Since our son starting attending (two years ago) we have implemented some new rules and they have since added EGGS to the foods not allowed --- as well as peanuts for the whole school!! I mean we couldn't ask for more!!
Up to date everything has been great..not even a rash, until last week. I pick him up everyday for lunch, he came home sneezing (none stop) with hives on the inside of his arms. I had to keep him home and give him an oatmeal bath along with Benadryl. I went in to speak with his teacher, to see if anything had changed and to let her know. The next day when I picked him up he was in the parking lot ALONE.. sneezing, hives and his eyes were itchy and swollen. NOT GOOD.
I contacted the principle and let him know how dissapointed I was and how our son could not be left alone when showing these signs (he had told his teacher and the secretary, they sent him outside because I was picking him up anyway!) The principle explained that that is not what should have happened and that he would talk to the staff.
The next school day
I get a call .. 911 has been called and they have given the epi-pen to him.
O my god...
I rush to the school.. I get there in 3 minutes flat...
When I arrive he looks fine..crying because it hurt.. we go by ambulance (his last attach he went back into shock after first epi-pen... thats another story) When in the hospital he tells me that he was fine. Honestly .. he looks great. No hives, no swelling, Now I say that because we have been through this before and he has always looked like he just came out of a boxing match for days.
Now they give him Benedryl, and steroids. I think because the school just gave him the epi-pen. sending him home a few hours later..
O.k my husband and I both think he had hives and sneezing...Yes the principle should have call 911 and given him the epi-pen because of his past history.
I keep him home next day and the school cleans his portable, sends home a letter to parents reminding them about possible allergins... creams, sun lotion, and please wash hands before coming to school. COULDN"T ASK FOR MORE.
We send him back to school.. in long pants and long sleeve shirt (its 90' outside, but they have air in class) I pick him up at lunch .. all is good.
Again.. I get the call
They have called 911 and given him the epipen.
Now I get there before the ambulance, our son looks great!Of course after epi-pen was given. He had hives on the backs of his legs, inside of his arms and his throat. The ones on his throat were quite large. Which is why I feel they felt scared and paniced.
We go by ambulance again... They do not give him Steriods or Benedryl .. they send us the the general waiting room, because really he is fine. AGAIN .. thank god and I am so happy it is not serious.
I know we all want the school to take our childrens allergies seriously...again I am not complaining... BUT
Aftering seeing his doctor I have been told .. he cannot keep getting the epi-pen for "hives" it should be used for emergencies only. It is not good for you.. yes to save your life ONLY.
So,,, what do I do now.?? The school emptied his desk because they would be happy to write him off the rest of the school year. I am NOT, and I don't think it is fair to him. Also this will not help him for next year.
I have an emergencey appointment with his allergist to be re-tested to see if he has developed any new allergies in the past year. I couldn't get in for a week and a half. Still not sure what is causing the hives and sneezing..But since he has been home 4 days, he has had hives on and off everyday (no sneezing)and two days I needed to give him Benedryl to help the itching.??
I feel the problem is not food related and not just to the school property.
The principle and my husband had a meeting and he says these are the instructions given to him from the board, at first signs give epi-pen.
My questions are these:
1)has anyone else run into this problem?
2)Any suggestions in the short term?
3)Is there any information you know of that may help to Instruct specifically when to give epi-pen.
Most information I read is geared toward giving the epi-pen ..
Yes I know this is our goal... but doesn't there have to be 3 or more signs??
Or am I wrong?
We are in the process of drafting a letter to the school ...
asking them to call me FIRST.. I am at home and close to the school. This may help in the short term, but if I am not available they are going to give epi-pen. I really am stuck.
I really feel he is o.k. if I didn't I would be keeping him home my self. I need to get to the bottom of the problem, but if he is presenting this stuff while at home.. maybe we can't send him back..??

I need some outside opinons. I feel I am just too close to the situation to be realistic!
He carries his own epipen at all times and is VERY educated, we have taught him to have his own voice. Now he is saying to us " I told the principle, I was fine.... I was breathing o.k., call my mom .. I'm fine"
Now I feel, he feels, he doesn't have a voice. It's such a fine line.
Any suggestions or opinons are welcome.
crazy week and just exhausted...
Thank you for reading my long winded story.O.X....

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