EpiPen Question

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 12:40am
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I accidentally left the EpiPen outside in the stroller last night for about 2 - 3 hourse before I remembered it. Will it be ok, or should I chuck it and get another one?

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 12:57am
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If you are unsure I am sure you could just ask the pharmacist or bring it to him to check for any discolorisation.
I have left my epi pen in my car & I was told it was ok when I went to the pharmacist, they know best.
Good Luck

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 3:50am
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Heather -
Does the solution look brown or cloudy? I believe in the insert that comes with the epi-pens, it mentions what to look for to determine if it's still okay or not. "Brown", "yellowish", and "cloudy" I think indicate it should no longer be used.

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 3:59am
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It depends on the temperature. Since it was only a couple hours they may be fine. We have in the past ruined 2 epipens by forgeting them in the car overnight in freezing weather. I was so mad! (my daughter was not without epi protection - we have 4) Anyway, the epi did not appear to be frozen or discolored. I called the pharmacy and he said probably best to replace it. I called the manufacturer and they said definately to replace it. Also there is a chance of ruining them in very hot weather too. I keep them out of the sun. They don't make this easy on us!

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 4:19am
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I just called Dey Pharmaceuticals and the woman told me because there are lubricants in the mechanism that can be affected by the cold, they recommend I replace the EpiPen. Guess I'll have to use my last refill. I have to be more careful. When we got back from our walk yesterday, my son was asleep in the stroller and I was so concerned with getting him in the house without waking him up, I plum forgot about the EpiPen. It's just so easy to do! Another thing, I have to remember NOT to put my purse on the radiators at home.

Posted on: Mon, 11/13/2000 - 11:09pm
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Wow - that's contrary to what a Dey rep at a support group told us. He said that as long as you're not leaving it out in extreme temperatures over an extended period of time, it should be fine. But it sounds like there's no real consensus on that even from the manufacturer, so I think you're wise to toss it.

Posted on: Wed, 12/13/2000 - 4:55am
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Thought I'd bring this topic forward for you guys posting about the Epi and cold.

Posted on: Wed, 12/13/2000 - 7:11am
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You should definitely do what makes you feel comfortable but there is a post in the main discussion board about "Heat effects mechanism not epi" (or some wording similar). Anyway, a few people stated that extreme cold affects the spring and not the medication and extreme heat affects the medication. If you decide not to use it for your son, you should use it to practice with on a breast of chicken.
Don't beat yourself up over this one. ;-)

Posted on: Thu, 12/14/2000 - 9:28pm
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Now this really concerns me as we have had a few weeks of -28 degrees and going back and forth to the car, time for the car to heat up and then sometimes having to walk about 4 blocks is the norm for myself and the epipen. I bought the epipens because my children are more comfortable with having to stick me with that then the visable needle in the anakit. Personally it makes me more comfortable to see the needle and feel more control but that is another story. comfortable. Now I'm wondering if I should need it, would the mechanism work. It's not an issue for me while at work but it certainly is when I am away from the office .....
I think some sort of statement that is more informative than "keep out of extremes of temperature" is necessary. Guess extreme is a subjective term as -28 is not abnormal for our winters! If it's the mechanism we have to worry about maybe R&D would be more helpful in advising us ......I think a call is necessary. I'll try today and post their answers.
Have a great day
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Posted on: Thu, 12/14/2000 - 9:48pm
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I was told by my Pharmacist that it should not be refrigerated (5 deg or lower) or exposed to 25 deg or higher... the cold affects the mechanism, the heat affects the adrenaline.

Posted on: Tue, 12/03/2002 - 6:04am
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Reraising since I left mine in the car twice this past week! Argh. Too many bundles and a cranky child and I left the bag on the seat. I need to get a belt so it is on me all the time. Do you all find the belts are enough to keep it warm enough in the cold. I figure it is against the body more or less, and under a jacket. Ugh. Thank goodness the insurance paid for both refills. becca



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