EpiPen patch and looking for squirrel book...

Posted on: Thu, 07/01/1999 - 2:21pm
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I was wondering if anyone has ordered a patch from the site [url="http://www.nuttinwithnuts.com?"]http://www.nuttinwithnuts.com?[/url] It says I carry EpiPen and you can put it on their bag. They also have a pouch that says this on there already. I thought this was a neat idea. Does it look OK? I wonder if this site could carry it from them? Also, I was on the internet and saw another child's book about a squirrel who couldn't eat nuts and now I can't remember where it was. Does anyone know? I think I saw a post that Chris was trying to get it for this site? Thanks! Shan

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/1999 - 12:34am
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I've seen an ad for the book about the squirrel on the website of the Anaphylaxis Campaign (in Great Britain). I think the title was Cyril the Squirrel Who Couldn't Eat Nuts. They didn't have any information posted about the price for this in $ or shipping to the US.
Our son likes the Alexander the Elephant video from FAN. The last two FAN newsletters mentioned that they had new Alexander books available (or soon to be available) that you might want to look into. They weren't listed in the product information on FAN's website, but you might be able to e-mail them or call them for more information. One was about Alexander going to a birthday party and another was about going to school. There may be one or two others.

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/1999 - 6:47am
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Thanks Steve. That is nice to know about the new FAN books. I'll look into that...Shan [img]http://client.ibboards.com/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Sat, 07/03/1999 - 7:21pm
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Hi Shan,
We have "The Diary of Cyril the Squirrel" who can't eat nuts (as we live in England). It is OK but not great. Better for children aged 5-8 than for toddlers as it is a little longwinded. It was written by the 16 year old sister of a PA girl so it is sweet rather than professional.
One idea would be to make a book yourself with your computer. My 4 year old and I made a short book yesterday about monsters. So cute! He made up the story. I printed it on to paper in such a way that it worked as a booklet and he drew the pictures. Little kids adore home made books.
You could have a story about an animal that couldn't eat nuts, that had to ask his mommy before trying a new food. That made sure his mommy read the label in the store. And that knew all about his medicines and what could happen. And how he was healthy every other way and could do lots of other stuff. Just a suggestion!

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