Epipen Jr. or Regular Epi-pen


On our last allergist visit, he prescribed two epi jr's because my daughter's weight was right around the cutoff for a full strength epi-pen. It was about 40 pounds. She's up to about 45 pounds. I'd like to be able to get just one epi to carry around! When did all of you get just one pen - 45 pounds?

On Apr 19, 2001

There is another thread on this. I would do a search. I started it, but can't remember the title of the thread (maybe adult vs. jr. strength Epi?!). But, the same thing happened to me. My daughter was borderline on the weight and he prescribed an adult strength Epi. I questioned it, and on our pharmacists recommendation, he said not to give adult strength until she was over 60 lbs. I have two jr. strength pens, again on the pharamcists recommendation, just in case one wasn't enough at the time of a reaction.

On Apr 19, 2001

Kathy L. & Linda Jo,

There are many topics on this discussion ( we switched at 45 lbs.) but even if you switch to the full strength you should always carry two epi's. You need to have an extra in case one malfunctions or if you end up being further than the 15-20 minutes from an ER. Many people make sure the two they carry are from different lot numbers in case of recall due to malfunctions.


On Apr 21, 2001

We got the regular epi's when our daughter was 40 pounds. The pharmacist told us between 40-45 lbs for regular. we also have a 25 min. trip to the hosp. so we always have 2