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A while back, there was a thread discussing when to switch from EpiPen Jr to the full-strength EpiPen. I remember reading it and becoming more confused - and doing a search on the web which confused me even more. Well, my son had his yearly appt with his pediatric allergist last week. Sam weighs 42 pounds - I had seen somewhere that you should switch at 35 pounds so I was concerned. The doctor told me that you switch at appx. 33 KILOGRAMS! Sam weighs 20 Kg, so he has plenty of time (he is 4 1/2). I looked up the conversion. 1 pound = .45359 kg. Hope this clears up confusion for anyone else!

On a similar topic, has anyone found a good way of insulating their epipens from getting too hot or cold in the car, or when out in the sun?


On Apr 12, 1999

Hi Sue!

The EpiPen Jr. made by Survival Technology, Inc. states on the label that it is for patients weighing 15 kg and less.

A well known specialist working on anaphylaxis before his untimely death, Jerry Dolovich, who was Charles spec. at the baby stage told me that he felt the EpiPen Junior could be replaced by the EpiPen between 30 and 50 pounds.

Your next question about keeping EpiPens in the car...they should not be stored in the car when temperatures are extreme, nor should they be exposed to the sun. The manufacrurer says on the insert" Store in a dark place at room temperature(59-86 F degrees/ 15-30 C degrees )

There is an Epi-belt available which offers wonderful protection from various things. You can find it on this web site under products I think. If you want to locate it and have any trouble, let me know.

On Apr 12, 1999

Robert Wood, pediatric allergist from Johns Hopkins, answered that question at the Baltimore FAN conference held on Saturday. He said the regular EpiPen should be used starting at approx. 44 pounds.

On Apr 12, 1999

My son's allergist said Parry should switch to the Epi-Pen at 45 pounds.


On Apr 12, 1999

Wow! No wonder there is such confusion. If the label says 15 kg(33lbs), why are doctors giving us different guidelines? I guess I better call the dr.!


On Apr 12, 1999

I too was wondering if anyone had a good tip for storing the epi-pen when going to the beach where temps might exceed 86 deg. F. I thought a cooler pac might keep it too cool (less than 59 deg. F).

I have a tip from someone in my support group for insulating the epi-pen if your going to be out in the cold (ie, skiing for the day)--she wears it in the sleeve of her coat against her arm!