Epipen Expiration Date Question

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 7:04am
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I just checked my daughter's Epipen Jr.'s (we have 4 of them as my parents live 30 minutes from the nearest hospital). 1 says it expires "Jan. 03", 1 says "Feb. 03" & the other 2 are "Jun 03". Now here's my question:

Does that mean they expire at the end of the month or at the beginning of the month?? Is the "Jan. 03" one already expired? or does it expire on Jan 31st?

Thanks! I'm going to go ahead & get our refill (for 2 pack w/trainer). But was just curious as to when it would expire.

Lea (mom to Jamie (TNA & PA) & to "David" due 4-15-03)

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 7:10am
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I'm not sure if they mean the 1st of Jan or the 31st, but drugs do not go bad overnight like milk, the should be good for a few months after the expiry date. I personally would not make a special trip to run out and replace it, but would try to get it done sometime by the end of the month. When you do get the replacement, ask the pharmacist.

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 7:40am
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My guess is that it would expire at the end of the month (ie: Jan 31).
Kind of like if you have a coupon that expires on a certain date, you can still use it until the end of that date. (ie: Milk coupon good until Dec 31, 2003, you can still use it on Dec 31, 2003, win't expire until Jan 2004)
And like Cynde says, it won't expire overnight anyway so a couple of weeks more shouldn't hurt.

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 8:30am
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How timely! Dh and I were just discussing this last night and came up with the same reasoning. Glad to know that we are apparently on the right track!
Be safe,

Posted on: Mon, 01/13/2003 - 9:28am
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Someone asked Dr. Young this question when he spoke last fall....He told us to KEEP expired epi-pens for back-up, in case one misfires, the ambulance doesn't arrive, etc. The medicine does not just 'go bad' it "begins to lose it's effectiveness" I plan on keeping mine as extra back-ups until they are 6 monthes overdue, then I will give them to grandparents, teachers, etc for pratice with 'the real thing' (on an orange of course!) Hope that helps,

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