EpiPen Dosage?


Do you carry an EpiPen Jr or reg EpiPen for your child and what

On Sep 10, 2002

I too had the same concern when my child was that age. My allergist prescribed the full dose epi to him. I forgot his exact weight, but he was probably about 45. The Dr. explained to me that the epi pen jr. would be an underdose of epinephrine for him, and the adult epi pen is just slightly over. She felt that is was safer to give him a slight overdose than underdose him. She also said that many times you need more than one epinephrine injection during a reaction anyway, and that there was no need for concern about an overdose. Also, and adult dose is not double the amount of a jr. I dont know the exact measurements, but I think it is just a little more than a jr.

Hope that helps. I've been carrying an adult dose since my son was 4 y.o. (he is 7 now). You might want to discuss this with your Dr. as well. If he is a reasonable physician, he will explain his reasoning behind giving you the adult dose.

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On Sep 10, 2002

I'm in the same predicament... not knowing exactly when to switch over. My pa son is going to be 7 in 12 days and he weighs 45 pounds. I read in the insert that it should be 66 pounds (or 60- can't remember for sure) Anyway... the pharmacy accidently gave me regular epi pens and the pediatrician said that it was ok, that I should keep them because it was time to switch over. I am not really comfortable with switching yet after reading the insert... not really sure what to do. Oh well, anxious to hear what everyone has to say!


On Sep 10, 2002

Our son is 8 years old and weighs 48 lbs. He has been on the regular EpiPen for a year now.

His Allergist switched him to the regular Epi and then his Ped switched him also at the same time. (I get scripts from both).

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On Sep 10, 2002

Just a gentle correction to mitch's mom's statement.

The adult dose Epi *IS* double that of the Jr.

The Jr. is 0.15mg, and the adult is 0.3.

If I remember how to add decimals, that makes it twice the Jr. Right?

My son weighs 50 lbs. and has the Jr. We have told the school that he may need 2 Jrs. because of his weight, but to start with one.


On Sep 10, 2002

At the FAAN conference in Baltimore in March, 2002, Dr. Robert Wood (an allergist from Hopkins) stated that the switch from Epipen Jr. to the adult Epipen should happen when the child reaches forty-five pounds.

On Sep 10, 2002

Our allergist prescribed the Regular Epipen when my daughter was 3 1/2 years and weighed 39 pounds. He stated that at 40 pounds we should have the Regular Epipen.

On Sep 10, 2002


Thank your for the gentle correction. My mistake.


On Sep 11, 2002

My DS is 2 and weighs 35 pounds. We use the the Epi-Pen Jr. Dr did say it may take two depending on the reaction. So we always carry two with us.

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On Sep 11, 2002

Thanks for the post. Lauren is currently on the Jr pens. Just checked on this and her primary who said since Lauren is 52lbs, it is time for the adult strength. Actually, they said over 45 lbs was the best time to switch and the pharmacist said he has prescribed it for kids as young as 3-yrs old.

On Sep 11, 2002

Our allergist, Dr. Wesley Burks, switched Joshua to the adult Epi at 40 lbs (or thereabouts). I'm nervous about it, too, but I'd rather more than not enough, I guess, if I had to choose.

On Sep 12, 2002

Wow! There is such a vast difference on when to switch to the adult EpiPen. Since I carry four Jr