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My son started get the adult Epi last Sept. (just over a year now) and today when I went to get 2 more The Pharm. said he is now to be on the JR because they changed the weight requirement for the JR. So I am confused. What about the 2 a school that are Adult? Am I to go out & buy 4 new ones because they changed the wieght guidelines? What do your children get JR/Adult? And what is their weight?

On Jan 29, 2008

My son switched to the adult at about 46 lbs. He is now 50 lbs.

On Jan 29, 2008

My son Switched at about 40lbs and now is 47 & they want him back on JR until 30 or 35kg, They said the guidelines changed a few months ago so they are talking 66-77 lbs

On Jan 29, 2008


My DS is 7 and he weighs about 44 lbs.. he is still using epi Jr.

I thought they would switch him at 50 lbs? I will have to ask at our next appointment Therese

On Jan 30, 2008

In Australia the standard weight for an adult Epi-pen is 30kg. My dd has had an adult one for many years.

On Jan 31, 2008

does anyone know what the mg/lb dose of epi jr is? my son has had epi jr since he was 2-3 months old, they said his allergy was so severe it justified writing the rx for someone his size, but was wondering where he falls for that dose now? He is just a smidge under 21 lb this week.

On Feb 5, 2008

From [url="http://www.epipen.com"]http://www.epipen.com[/url]


On Feb 5, 2008

Per Dr. Wood in "Food Allergies for Dummies..." under Epi-pen dosage: "Officially, the full strength devices are approved for use for anyone over 66 lbs. The junior strength is a perfect dose for someone who weighs 33 lbs, but for every lb. above that it underdoses more and more. For this reason most experts, including me, recommend switching from junior to regular strength somewhere between 45 and 55 lbs."

I read this while my son was age 6 weighing 50 lbs and still had epi jr. I made an appt. with his pediatrition and took in the book and requested a new prescription for the regular strength dose. The pediatrition agreed. I feel much better...

On Feb 8, 2008

I wonder when these "guidelines" changed? My son is 11 and he had to wait until he was 60 pounds to go to an adult version (yes 66 lbs was the "desired" weight). I cannot recall the exact situation but do know that I discussed this with the pediatrician and he decided it was better for my son to have the adult epi. That was at least 1-1/2 years ago.

I would ask your son's doctor about this -- especially as he/she is the one writing the RX.

On Feb 10, 2008

It is not for the pharmacist to decide the strength of the epi for your child. the pharmacist's job is to fill your prescription *as* your allergist/ped wrote it. If you have a doctor who wrote the script i would call him/her monday and confirm which epi your child should have. I would assume things have *not* changed and that the pharmacist was wrong and if so I would insist on getting the right epi. Also, if your child has asthma many allergists will switch to the adult epi sooner and that is another reason for the pharmacist to *not* be involved in these decisions!