Epi pens in the cold and heat.. READ!


Good news on this front. My friend called DEY today to inquire about leaving the pens in the car (accidently) in the cold.

Dey said they have found that the epinephrine has NOT been harmed by the cold HOWEVER epi pens can MISFIRE b/c of the cold. The auto injector itself may become defective due to the cold.

On the flip side, they have recently tested the epi pens with 70 degree celsius heat.. and found NO BREAKDOWN in the epinephrine. There was also no damage to the auto injector.


On Mar 19, 2004

Great news! Did they happen to say how long it could be left in that kind of heat? For those of us used to Fahrenheit, that's 158 degrees. I'm not sure if it would cover a summer glove compartment, but it would definitely take care of those concerns during trips to amusement parks and such.

On Mar 19, 2004

So let me ask this... What do you do when you are on vacation in the summer (ie. at the beach, or at a water park or ride park) How do you keep the temperature regulated?? It would be too cold in a cooler wouldn't it? Just curious as I am new to this and summer will be here before we know it. thanks!

On Mar 19, 2004

Hi Petey,

You are asking great questions. If you look at the "products for our community" board, you will find many helpful products to carry the epipens, medic alert bracelets, etc.

There is a company, [url="http://www.zoniinc.com/,"]http://www.zoniinc.com/,[/url] that sells an epipen belt, which hooks around the waist, so you don't have to carry around a backpack or purse all the time. I have not purchased one yet but found out about this site from reading these boards. As for the summer, when we go to the beach, I keep my epipen in my backpack in the shade under an umbrella. Some people do put their epipen in the cooler, some coolers even have a mesh zipper lining on the inside of the "lid" where you can store it, so they don't get wet.

You also can get a free epipen trainer which is great to show relatives, friends, babysitters on how to use it. Go to [url="http://www.epipen.com"]www.epipen.com[/url] and sign up. Their reminder program is also excellent to let you know when your epipen is about to expire. Or call 800-429-7751 to order your free trainer.

In addition, when your epipen expires, you should practice using it on an orange. It is quite surprising how loud the click is!

Good luck to you!


On Mar 19, 2004

Thank you Karen, you read my mind! I just logged on to find the number to Dey to get a trainer. I love this site.

On Mar 19, 2004

So are you saying it may misfire if cold but if you left it in the car overnight in the cold, then let it warm up, it would be fine or does the cold actually permanently damage the firing mechanism?