Epi-pens in restaurants

Posted on: Mon, 10/09/2000 - 4:15am
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(I originally posted this under "Manufacturers" - oops, didn't mean to!)

It just struck me the other day that if all restaurants were required to have an Epi-pen and an Epi-pen, Jr. in their first-aid kits, lives could be saved. If someone's "mild" food allergy, for instance, suddenly turned anaphylactic with a bite of shrimp or a Thai salad at a restaurant, and that person wasn't carrying an Epi-pen, valuable minutes could be saved if the restaurant was equipped with an Epi. It seems like I remember reading something about a woman who had a reaction in a restaurant, didn't have an Epi-pen with her, and died waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
Does anyone else think this is something worth pursuing? And how would I go about it getting something done - simply write my congressman? Or maybe start by contacting the local restaurant association?


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