Epi pen carriers for busy little boys


Hello, My son is 4 1/2 and I have started to realize that as he gets older my cute little "Mom Bag" just isn't working anymore. I feel like when he runs around with Dad, that dragging along a bag just doesn't work. I wish I could find something large enough to carry 2 epi pens, his inhaler, etc on his belt or something. Right now I carry 4 epi pens in my purse, as well as everything else he could possibly need.

Any suggestions out there.

By BestAllergySites on Mar 11, 2010

This is so not cool, but we wear a fanny pack at times! For walks, hikes, parks etc.

If we are wearing jackets, we can usually stash 2 in our pockets--they are large enough.

You can ck out my site at the following link for some businesses:


Activeaide has a double holder that is pretty neat--that I did a review on:


By chelle.tovar on Apr 22, 2010

My daughter was just prescribed the EpiPen and I have been wondering how most people carry them around. My daughter and I are outside a lot so how do I prevent the EpiPen from getting too hot if it is inside my backpack? And she has not started school yet but I am curious the best way to keep the pen on her without it being too obvious. Any ideas or suggestions?

By Michaels Mom on Apr 22, 2010

Our boys are still very little, so we carry them in the diaper bag or my purse. Before going to an amusement park last summer I checked in with our pharmacy re the best place to have them, as it was supposed to be a very hot and humid day. She said in a back pack or bag out of direct sunlight was fine. She advised against putting it in the cooler. She said the most important thing to remember is to NEVER leave it in the car. On another support forum, I just saw a holder called the waist pal that looks very interesting...It's a skinny neoprene belt that goes under the shirt. One epi fits in front and another in back...