Epi pen care in the winter..any tips?


We start carry Epi pens this summer, now the winter is around the corner, we live in Illinois, so it can get very cold. Any tips on how to keep the pens in the bags safely (to keep them in the right temperature) when outing? Any tips?

On Nov 8, 2007

I just keep them in a backpack and sometimes, if I am out, keep it close to the body, under my jacket, to keep it warm. I think it is more the function of the pen that gets effected as I believe a pharmacist once told me that epinephrine used to be refrigerated (this was a few years ago when one of the Epipens was accidentally left in car overnight and thought I should replace it). Regardless, the pen still needs to work. Anyone else told something different? Anyone else do something different to keep them warm?

On Nov 8, 2007

I had the same concern, and posted a similar statement about three weeks ago under Temp Control of Epi pens...

I called the manufacturer of the Epi after my PA son went camping with my husband and his brother. It got quite cold overnight, and while my husband wrapped the Epi pens in his sleeping bag to keep them warm, I was still concerned. I called the manufacturer of the epi and he said the temp range listed in the directions statement (59 degrees being the coolest it can handle) was pretty inflexible, and that he could not assure me that the pens I had were still good. He said that discoloration wouldn't necessarily occur, and that I would be better off getting new pens. They even ship the pens to pharmacies in temperature controoled trucks, so this must be pretty real. One woman on this board said they make a case for the epi that is supposed to keep them at the right temp, but when I asked the manufacturer about this, he said they don't give out guarantees on those either. I, too, find this very frusterating, and can only cope by getting new epi pens anytime I feel the temp has been compromised. Our pharmacy has told insurance companies that a normal rate of re-fill is every 30 days, so I have never had a problem getting new ones.

I wish others on this board would share ideas -- I know we can't be the only ones who have thought of this possibility for problems.


On Nov 8, 2007

I have been thinking about this too - in summer I use a Frio to keep it cool. I can't find anything specific for Winter to keep it warm. I have been thinking of getting a good thermos to see if that would work - I think they have some now you microwave. If I have any luck I will let you know.


On Nov 8, 2007

I've always kept them in an inner coat pocket, next to my body (or my son has his epibelt on under his coat). They seem to stay warm enugh this way (even when its very cold outside).

On Nov 26, 2007

Thanks for all that replied. It's getting pretty cold out and today, while I was putting on my gloves, it occures to me - hey, why not keep the epi pens in one of these. Each pen fits beautifully in each "finger". Ha, gives it a bit protection from the cold! Just a fun tip to share.