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My son was misdiagnosed and I am selling the two epi-pens I do not need cheap. Oakville/Burlington, Ontario area.

My oldest was diagnosed with Aspergers(autism) so my hands are still full. Never a dull moment.

I will be your advocate always.

On Aug 21, 2006

CdnJulie -

Wow! Sorry about the misdiagnosis! (I mean - Glad he's not PA, but sorry you had to go through thinking he was!) Have you explained this story in full somewhere else on the board? I missed it if you did.

Would you be interested in contributing to the NVLD thread going on in Off Topic? My son is NVLD/borderline Aspergers.

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On Aug 21, 2006

I do not think you can legally sell them as only pharmacists may sell this drug in Canada.

On Aug 22, 2006

Yes I will check the other board with you re: Aspergers!

As for the epi pen, the drug store has closed and I can't return it. I will think some more of another solution.