Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization


I was just wandering about immunotherapy for food allergies other than peanut allergies - I know that immunotherapy for peanut allergies is controversial because people have died who were being treated - but I ran across this web-site/article: [url="http://www.food-allergy.org/epd.html"]http://www.food-allergy.org/epd.html[/url] - is anyone familiar with enzyme potentiated desensitization for food allergies? The info is somewhat vague.

On Jul 14, 2003

I've been getting this treatment since 1993 as I have food, chemical and inhalant allergies. I've seen results and I highly recommend the treatment. They now have an American version (LDA) which has been out for about 6 months. I have heard positive results, but will stick with EPD until LDA has been around for awhile.

EPD is popular in Canada as well.

------------------ Kaye

On Jul 15, 2003

Thanks for the reply. This sounded interesting. What food allergies did you have that were treated with this therapy?

On Jul 15, 2003

You can also check out Allergy Associates of LaCrosse, WI. We take my son there and have been doing sublingual immunotherapy for almost a year now. He is PA only.