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Posted on: Fri, 03/26/2004 - 7:57am
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Hi Yonit,
Did you find out any info? If they are using peanut butter in their baking, it looks like I'll have to stop eating these products (although I rarely eat them anyway, just on a very occasional basis)
Thanks for the info [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Wed, 03/31/2004 - 12:27pm
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We eat the Ent. mini-bite blueberry and choc chip muffins quite regularly (we're in NJ). I've always trusted their labelling (I think at our first diagnosis our allergist told me that one of her allergist colleagues who was PA/TNA trusted them -- but I've never called myself). We've also had the donut holes a few times and the yellow cakes with choc. frostings. I also buy their holiday cupcakes to keep in the freezer for birthday parties. I will be very interested to hear what they have to say! Fingers crossed -- it's our safe bake lines (I also won't eat Tasty Cakes)

Posted on: Mon, 04/12/2004 - 1:16am
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Has anyone else found out any information on Entenmann's? Back in Feb. I called George Weston Bakeries. Now I may be opening up a can of worms here, but I'm hoping the person I spoke with, Victoria, wasn't too bright.
George Weston owns Entenmann's, Thomas', Brownberry, Boboli, Arnold, Freihofer's, Stroehman, Anzio & Son's, and Arnold. I asked Victoria about the safety of Entenmann's & Thomas'. She thought that both could be contaminated with tree nuts, and she also thought Entenmann's was coming out with a peanut product. She basically told me that there could be peanuts or tree nuts in any of these facilities b/c it changes all the time, since G.W.B. bought them, and they'd be adding new products.
This really upset me b/c we have religiously used the Stroehman's Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat Bread for years. My 3 1/2 P/TN son will only eat that bread. Now we've continued to use it, without incidence. I think that she was just making a broad statement to cover her butt.
I'm concerned about the Entenmann's though. That's been a safe treat for us in the past. I plan to try to contact Entenmann's, and Stroehman's, directly if I can, rather than getting routed through the GWB home office. I let it slip through the cracks a bit with Easter, etc. Please let me know if anyone else has found out anything. Thank you!

Posted on: Tue, 04/20/2004 - 11:14pm
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When I called a couple of weeks ago to check on safety of Thomas' Pita bread ( which is O.K. ) I was told that Entenmann's was coming out with a peanut containing product. She said one Entenmann plant would be used for this. I can't remember who I spoke to. I didn't press for location or code # because we don't use Entenmann's baked goods even though they do label for may contains. We did try the donuts and my PA DD loved them but they have way too much fat and junk in them for my liking.
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Posted on: Wed, 04/21/2004 - 1:13pm
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I had a very frustrating conversation with Entenmann's rep a couple weeks ago (I was in tears by the end). The upshot is that they do currently label for peanut cross-contamination, but not for tree-nut cross-contamination. In the past they'd given me specific info about which products were on dedicated lines, etc. They do still seem allergy aware, as discussed in other threads, however, they can no longer give specific info. about shared lines or facilities, with regard to tree nuts.
Their new fudge delight line of cookies, including a peanut butter variety, is now produced in a separate facility, and all varieties of this cookie do contain a peanut warning.
That said, we are still using Entenmann's for school birthdays, etc. We felt we had to give parents some choices, and we are limited to Kosher foods for school, too (no Krispy Kreme). I had my 6-year-old PA son retested for tree nuts last week, in part because of the Entenmann's/school issue. He had tested positive at 13 months to walnut, but was negative at a re-test at age three. However, we have continued to strictly avoid tree nuts. So . . . last week they did skin testing for tree nuts and he was negative on all of them. We will still avoid nuts, but I have more comfort with a product that might potentially be cross-contaminated with tree nuts, as long as no peanuts are involved. If he had tested pos to any tree nuts, I'd NOT use Entenmann's.
I'm just disappointed that the tone of the "speil" they give about allergies seems less informative/accomodating, etc. than it used to. There was a time when they seemed to be making an effort to phase out nuts altogether.

Posted on: Fri, 07/02/2004 - 2:28am
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I saw that you mentioned that Krispy Kreme can not be used because it's not Kosher. Are you sure about this? The reason I ask is because the ones by us are (Maryland). My son went to the JCC for Kindergarten and they were well aware that it was Kosher so it was allowed for parties. It may be that just our local ones are but you may be able to work with your local store to see if they can be labelled as such.
Just a suggestion but at least it's safer than Entenmann's.

Posted on: Mon, 07/05/2004 - 12:45am
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MimiM - my understanding is that although all the ingredients used in Krispy Kreme are Kosher, the actual stores/bakeries have to be certifed. Some are - as is probably the case at your's - but most are not. (There is a certified Dunkin Doughnuts near us . . . not helpful for PA!)
There was rumor of a Kosher one opening near us, but it never happened. It would be a big help to our school situation if it did. Also, the KK's you can buy at the supermarkets are not certified Kosher and I can't remember if those are actually nut-safe. I somehow remember reading here that those are not to be trusted for some reason.
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Posted on: Mon, 07/05/2004 - 7:15am
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Out local KK is certified Kosher. If yours isn't maybe you can call the company and see if they would consider it. If you could rally some community support you may be able to achieve Kosher status. Good luck!!!
[img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Miriam

Posted on: Wed, 07/28/2004 - 3:36am
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The last box of Entemanns Chocolate Frosted donuts I bought had hazelnuts listed as an ingredient. I bought it at one of the Entemanns Outlet stores.

Posted on: Wed, 08/04/2004 - 3:57am
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The Krispy Kremes that are in the grocery stores are made in the local Krispy Kreme shops. They are just as safe (nutwise) as the ones in the actual KK shops but maybe they are not considered Kosher unless there is a way to tell which actual shop they came from.
I would definately call Krispy Kreme and find out how to get your local store to be certified Kosher! The kids love it for parties. Ours has a drive up window which also makes it a more convenient choice for parents.


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