Elementary students to file human rights complaint against principal...



On Dec 10, 2007

Hi all,

I read an article about the human rights action today and blogged about it: [url="http://nopeanutsplease-com.blogspot.com/2007/12/is-this-human-rights-violation.html"]NoPeanutsPlease.com[/url] (here).

This is a certainly a difficult issue and as a parent with an allergic child I absolutely understand the contention that food allergy is a disability that should be afforded certain protections. I just wonder whether Sabrina's Law provides adequate protection already. It seems to me that it might do so?

As noted on my blog, I am also not convinced that the additional lunch checks would be practical to roll out to all schools (which is a possibility if becomes a Human Rights requirement). I understand the (apparent) value of the lunch checks but as a parent of an allergic child I certainly would not rely on them to keep my child safe. I would fully expect the school to be prepared for an emergency (which it is).

The checks may actually provide a false sense of security for many parents and in my response to the reader I requested tangible examples of the benefit / success of these types of checks. I thought I would post that request here as well.

I truly just want to understand all perspectives.



On Dec 11, 2007

I actually interviewed the key people on each side of this issue today. It was very insightful.

If you are interested, the blog post is [url="http://nopeanutsplease-com.blogspot.com/2007/12/is-this-human-rights-violation-part-2.html"]HERE[/url] .