EIimination diet while breastfeeding - Need Help!


I am very overwhelmed with 2 children and mutliple FA's right now so please forgive me if this post is all over the place!

A little background : DS is 4, allergic to peanuts, treenuts, soy, sesame, legumes. Knowing his history I was prepared to avoid certain foods while pregnant with DD who is now 10 months old. I avoided fish, shellfish, and nuts during my pregnancy and while breastfeeding DD. When she was 3months old she began to have eczema and we suspected egg and soy. Took her for skin testing at 4 months and sure enough she was allergic to egg and possibly soy. (SPT for soy was questionable) So I avoided all egg, nuts, fish, shell fish, and soy. Manageable but not easy.

We decided to take her for bloodwork now that she's almost one (before giving her cows milk). Lo and behold her CAP RAST was positive for milk and casein. Here is where I am freaking out. My allergist says to wean her and give her alimentum. Easier said than done. She has NEVER willingly taken bottles, will drink from a sippy cup but only small amounts. There is NO WAY I can get 28 oz a day into her from a cup. We can barely get her to take 4 oz. of the ALimentum over a course of several hours.

SO , I am now avoiding dairy, egg, soy, nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, and beans.... and I AM STARVING. Rice milk is nauseating. I know that I can eat meat, veggies, and fruit. But what else? I know some of you guys have to avoid dairy and may have some ideas. I don't know how long I can starve myself for the sake of breastfeeding. If DD would take the Alimentum I would have no problem weaning her, but I am scared that I'll let my milk go away and she will be on a hunger strike and then we're left with nothing. I had planned to nurse her a year, and then just wean her onto a cup, but the big problem, I think, is the taste of the Alimentum. She drinks water , diluted juice or breastmilk just fine from a cup. I definately can't stay on this diet until she outgrows her milk allergy (if and when). Sorry this is so long and rambling. I can't seem to get a handle on this, and it is getting to the point where I just wish she'd have ONLY a peanut allergy, because I can deal with peanuts. KWIM. We already do. It's all the other stuff that is impossible to avoid. Thanks in advance for any help....

On Oct 10, 2006

Can you do an elimination diet WHILE you transition her to the Alimentum? (So mix with breastmilk and ONLY feed from sippy cup?)

The reason I say ONLY sippy cup is that she needs to move mentally from nursing in order for you to have any hope of succeeding in transitioning her. Maybe dad or another trusted adult can hold her while she drinks-- that way she won't be thinking about her "usual" source of food but will get used to the idea of the sippy cup still being "fun time" or "cuddly" like she's used to with the BFing...

You'll have to pump to maintain your supply, but this might buy you some time to transition her over and also give you a time-line for your own elimination diet. (That way it won't seem so daunting since it 'isn't forever.' KWIM? )

In the meantime, experiment with different brands of ricemilk. I actually like the vanilla Rice Dream, and you can get it in a calcium fortified version. If you can't stand it plain, make fruit smoothies with it or something. You really have to have good calcium intake for BFing or your body will harvest the nutrient [i]from your own bones.[/i] Not good unless you are opting for a future which includes hip fractures. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]

Another idea is to look for a calcium supplement powder-- there is a thread about this in Manufacturers. I'll see if I can pull it up. Here's the link to the other thread: [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum11/HTML/002835.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum11/HTML/002835.html[/url]

ETA: I wouldn't be too worried about losing your milk supply right away-- a lot of women can express milk for as long as a year after they wean a child who has nursed for 6-14 mo. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Oct 10, 2006

I totally understand how you feel! DD was diagnosed at 12 months and I was still breastfeeding her. I had to avoid nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, corn & pork for the next month until I weaned her. I too was starving & lost about 10 pounds. Not healthy!

Now she is allergic to, or we are avoiding nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, legumes, fish & shellfish. I have learned to cook new things and we eat rather well although it is very hard.

Some things we eat are: Homemade pasta sauce or she also eats Preggo organic on bagels. If you can't find a safe pasta, polenta is good. Sloppy joes, hamburgers & homemade potato wedges, turkey burgers, chili, taco's with out cheese, fajitas, chicken, chicken nuggets (Tyson), meatloaf.

I highly recommend the cookbook The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook by Cybele Pascal. Someone on this site recommended it and it is great. I checked it out from our library & have since purchased it. It is free of all the top 8 allergens. Some of the recipies include legumes but you can leave them out. Everything I have tried so far has been good.

Why did your allergist want you to wean her? Was he concerned about your diet?

On Oct 10, 2006

My youngest had dairy and soy allergy and tomatoes along w/avoiding all nuts due to siblings allergy. She was dx at 6 weeks? and we continuted nursing until 15 mos. It was really hard at first and then I guess I adjusted. The doctor kept telling me to wean her to alimentum also, that it was going to be too hard to eliminate so much from my diet but dd WOULD NOT drink alimentum and I was determined to continue breastfeeding (especially since she was so young). I'm not going to be too much help here because I basically lived on grilled chicken, pasta w/olive oil, brown rice, salad, pears and cheerios w/rice milk for over a year! The diet did get so tiresome but thank god it wasn't forever. I never did get to where I could drink rice milk by the glass but it is what I weaned dd to and she liked it. It was HER diet that really worried me (and our doctor). She only weighed @16 lbs at 1 year. But I think she is just supposed to be petite because she outgrew the soy and dairy allergy @2yo and still only weighs 28lbs at 3.

On Oct 10, 2006

Thanks for your replies. CorvallisMom; good idea with the fruit smoothies-- since I really don't like the taste of the rice milk I'll definately try the smoothie idea (I miss yogurt!) I definately need more calcium, I do have the fortified OJ, and still take a prenatal vitamin.

cgroth; what did you wean your DD to at 13 months? Rice milk? Just curious because my allergist said the rice milk is too low in fat for a one year old's main source of milk. So I am assuming she (allergist) will want us to stay on Alimentum after 12 months. Also thanks for the cookbook info - will check it out. Yes the reason the allergist wants me to wean is for my own well being. I have lost over 60 pounds since DD was born (gained 45 with the pregnancy) so I'm much thinner than my 'usual' weight. Not that I mind being back to my high school weight [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] but realistically it's probably not healthy.

krc; I was so happy to hear that someone else was able to survive this diet for 15 months! So it is possible for me to continue? What made you decide that it was time to wean? Your DD does sound petite! My DD is the opposite , quite chunky at 10 months and 22 pounds. She loves any food I put in front of her (except the Alimentum) but I can't blame her - that stuff smells horrible.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Oct 10, 2006

I would try Neocate instead of Alimentum. You can get it by calling (800) NEOCATE. Alimentum tastes gross and Neocate is actually even less allergenic than Alimentum for babies with cow`s milk allergy. There is also a 1+ version (for babies 12 months and over)---you might have better luck with that flavor and she is almost a year anyhow.

On Oct 10, 2006

Jacksonsmom- wow- that is alot of weight to lose! My main worry was that I wasn't getting enough calcium so I took supplements and bought (like you) fortified oj. I weaned at 15 mos because dd loved nursing so much and was so little that the pediatrician thought it was interfering w/her nutrition. She still wanted to nurse more than eat table food! They also told me that the rice milk was too low in fat and to give her the alimentum- but like I said- she hated it. But, once I weaned, her appetite for table food increased so much and she began to gain a bit. I also have heard good things about the Neocate. (I've also heard it is quite expensive but can it really be too much more than the Alimentum?) I have a friend who weaned 2 kids with MFA's to the Neocate w/o a problem. Good luck- I feel for you- it can be really hard! Corvallis Mom did have a great idea w/the smoothie. I made them often! Even if you don't like the rice milk to drink- I used it as a substitute for things that called for milk (like mashed potatoes) and although it was not as good as the real thing it was still better than plain boiled potatoes every night [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Although it took away any joy for food I once had, I wasn't ever really starving. I only lost @20 lbs (was hoping for a little more actually [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]You have lost alot of weight!! Are you able to find enough things to eat regularly or are you bored w/the horrible options and not able to eat much?

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On Oct 10, 2006

JacksonsMom -

I tried to wean DD to rice milk. She refuses to drink it. I've tried flavoring it and she spits it out. I haven't tried in a few months and should probably give it another go. I am concerned about her calcium intake. She drinks Ca fortified OJ & water. I do use rice milk in cooking sometimes. I'm going to try to find a good supplement for her, although many have diary in them.

She weighed 18 lbs at 1 year and now is up to 24 lbs (21 months)! She only weighs 2 lbs less than her big sis who is 3. She looks very healthy despite all of her diet limitations. I got down to about 105 lbs at the end of breast feeding. Everyone I saw continually commented that I was too thin. It got so old - I wasn't trying to loose weight! I have gained back about 10 lbs of it & am happy with where I am now.

Try the cookbook. Not all of the recipes are great for kids but mine will at least eat the chicken out of it or something. It keeps me sane by not having to make 3 different dinners every night. I also sub regular flour for all the different flours she uses. Good luck!

On Oct 10, 2006

Our insurance covered the Neocate, but not Alimentum. I don`t recall the cost, since it was covered.

On Oct 10, 2006

Carefulmom; thanks for suggesting Neocate. I hadn't heard of it, but will give it a try. Checked their website ,it is really expensive and you have to buy a case. I'd hate to spend over $100.00 and have her spit it out! Maybe I'll see if they can send me a small sample size to try...

krc; good idea for the mashed potatoes! I think part of my problem is that I am in a rut eating the same boring things every day. As an Italian girl I was raised to EAT and now it just seems like another chore to find something safe and somewhat tasty. I totally understand what you mean about losing your enjoyment of food. Unfortunately it makes me DREAD the upcoming holidays....but thats a whole other topic.

Thanks so much everyone.

On Oct 10, 2006

cgroth; sorry I didn't answer you in my last post. Wow you got really thin too - don't you hate how people look at you as if you are doing it on purpose? I get that too, as if I like not being able to eat anything in a restaurant or at a social function. I will definately get the cookbook - even if I just find a few ideas for some variety. I'll still have to make 2 dinners every night because I won' t make DH or DS give up cheese and butter because of DD and me! We just have to be super careful about cross contamination.

On Oct 10, 2006

Yes- I do remember my friend saying that the doctor wrote a script for the Neocate and insurance covered all or a portion. If you do decide to try it out and your dd likes it- I would definitely call your insurance and see if they would cover. Also- I wanted to ask you what your allergist says to avoid as far as soy.. Mine said soybean oil and soy lecithin were fine so that opened up more avenues than if I had avoided...and both my soy allergic children did fine with it. They say these are not allergenic and that it is safe.

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On Oct 11, 2006

I can have soy oil and lecithin. I let my DS have soy oil but too much lecithin makes his eczema flare. So I also try and limit my intake of lecithin in case DD is the same as her brother. As far as DD, she is still eating mostly baby food so this isn't as much of a concern for her yet. Athough she did react to the Gerber Rice cereal with soy lecithin. Since we've switched to Beech Nut which is soy free she's had no problems.

On Oct 11, 2006

Hi JacksonsMom,

I have many of the same food allergies as your DD, except for the milk and soy. I also avoided too much corn and rice.

I do McD's hash browns for breakfast. Yes, I know they are fried, but the fat helps it to "stick with you" longer. (Safe for nuts and eggs, but please read the ingredients to check for your other allergens.) And they are cooked in a dedicated potato fryer.

Dinners: Ground turkey meatballs and spaghetti (see the back of a tomato sauce can for a simple recipe...omit the cheese)

Grilled turkey or chicken cutlets (w/ Italian dressing or a little olive oil to moisten). Served on plain rice with broccoli or grilled zucchini/yellow squash.

Grilled steak or lamb and baked potato (dairy-free butter), or a baked sweet potato w/ just a little brown sugar. Yum.

Chili - homemade...great with ground turkey (not ground turkey breast).

Stir-fry beef and broccoli(frozen bags) with plain rice. Just salt and pepper are fine if avoiding soy sauce. Doesn't taste anything like Chinese food, but it is very tasty. DD started to eat tiny pieces of broccoli and meat as finger food.

BarBQue beef ribs or chicken with corn.

Eye of round roast with carrots and potatoes.

Cornish game hens (just salt and pepper) with a side of your fav. veggies. Just pop in the oven for about an hour. Very yummy for your DS, and tasty for you and DH.

My husband has learned to love turkey; it's better for us, anyway. (I'm GI-allergic to chicken.) I do not cook 2 meals, but will sometimes fix another side. If he wants seafood, eggs or nuts he has to eat them out of town.

Stay with leftovers for lunch. Much easier just to heat-up quickly.

Good luck, Daisy

On Oct 11, 2006

I would ask your pediatrician to see if he/she can get samples of Neocate.

On Oct 11, 2006

I'm going to also recommend "The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies". It has proven to be a great resource book, as well as having recipes that are lifesaving. Some of my favorites don't have any of the things you can't eat.

Also, about the rice milk -- add some chocolate syrup to it. Or make some decaf coffee with it. We have used soy (which I know you can't) and rice milk. For us, we keep vanilla and plain around. Most everything we bake or cook with that calls for milk gets the plain soy (or rice) milk. You just can't do pudding. For baking and drinking we use the vanilla more, for cooking (like potatoes) we use plain.

My last suggestion, if there is something that you are really craving, or would like to find a way to make it without the offending foods, post a "How to make..." type of question in the 'Snacks & Recipes' forum. There are many people here that are incredibly creative and have made a ton of stuff with things you'd never think of!

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On Oct 11, 2006

Hi again Daisy; thanks for the meal ideas. I went this morning and bought a roast to do in the crockpot with veggies. Also stocked up on pork chops , steak and produce. Basically shopped the edges of the grocery store!

Thanks everyone for the ideas [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 11, 2006

We used fortified Rice Dream for ds starting at 13 months, yes it is low fat, I always added olive oil to his meals. DD quit drinking her formula at probably 10 months and drank rice milk. Pediatrician was NOT HAPPY, but, when eczema and related skin/ear infections cleared up, he could not argue with results. I was just careful to add fat and calories. Dark meat chicken, salmon, olive oil. You can also buy rice protein powder that I think may be fortified to add to smoothies for your dd.

On Oct 11, 2006


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On Oct 12, 2006

There's also Oat Milk by Pacific (run on same line with tree nuts though). I like the taste much better.

I've tried to get my ds with soy intollerance to drink rice milk and oat milk -- no luck. I've tried adding chocolate syrup, maple syrup, canola oil, sugar -- Not all at once (LOL!). And no luck. Maybe you'd have better luck. So he's down to calcium fotified OJ, Mylanta w/calcium for his reflux, and the calcium supplement Corvallis Mom linked. BUT he's 4, so I know the nutritional requirements are different.

My neighbor's dd is on Neocate. She mixes it with some version of baby fruit, and her dd will drink it. Maybe try that.

You could also try Nutramigen for her - another hypoallergenic over the counter formula for the same price as Alimentum. We went through the formula rounds when my boys were infants, and ended up with Alimentum. They didn't like Nutramigen.

There's also something called Vance's Dari-Free.(vancesfoods.com) You can also order it on allergygrocer.com. It's potato based and comes in a powder. Loaded with calcium and vitamins, but not fat or protein. I make ice cream with it for the family and it's really good! I haven't tried drinking it straight yet, but it smells really good, and depending on how you prepare it, you can thicken it. It just gets mixed with water.

If you're looking for safe treats for yourself, I love Gak's snacks (link to it on this site) or Enjoy Life makes really good cookies.

As far as main dishes go...we eat a whole lot of meat, and pasta with homemade sauce. We've begun using the Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook too.

On the days where I stare into space pondering what to feed my family or eat for myself (I'm pregnant w/#3), I think, hey, at least we still have wheat [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] It makes me feel a tiny bit better...

Good luck! You'll figure out what works best for your family. Meg

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On Oct 12, 2006

I'm not sure if plugging another website is against the rules or not, but there is a breastfeeding with food allergies board over at kidswithfoodallergies.org that would be really helpful to you. KWFA deals with food allergies in general rather than just PA.

You still have wheat and most other grains, so you don't have it so badly off.

FYI: some milk allergic kids react to Alimentum. My Jason did.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg) Joey (7 NKA) Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut) Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*

On Oct 12, 2006

My dd also reacted to Alimentum and Nutramagen. That is how she ended up on Neocate. Alimentum and Nutramagen are both made from cow`s milk. They just chop up the protein into tiny pieces to make it less allergenic. Neocate on the other hand was never derived from cow`s milk.

On Oct 12, 2006

I'm on that diet for my breastfed baby right now, except I don't avoid soy. If you can do it, it works out great for you to find foods you'll need down the road anyway. I've already been dealing with PA, EA, MA and we avoid nuts, beans, seafood, fish, seeds. There's really a ton of food you can eat, you just have to find the right products. I don't worry about "may contains" for milk or egg products. Tons of breads, bagels, homemade pancakes, sausage, homemade pizza, fruits, veggies, lunch meat, etc.

On Oct 12, 2006


Originally posted by mommyofmatt: [b]

On the days where I stare into space pondering what to feed my family or eat for myself (I'm pregnant w/#3), I think, hey, at least we still have wheat [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] It makes me feel a tiny bit better... [/b]


On Oct 12, 2006

It seems like lots of your babies reacted to Alimentum - I wondered about that when I read the label b/c it does contain casein. So does this mean that each time she drinks some its an exposure? So far my DD hasn't reacted (visibly) to it, she just hates it and will only sip little bits here and there. Today is day 8 of trying it, I guess we'd see a reaction by now if it were to happen right? Allergist suggest to try some flavor packets provided by Neocate, my hubby will pick up a few samples for us today. Maybe she'll like it better with a little flavor added.

My plan, after hearing from so many of you that it is manageable, is to continue nursing her as long as I can, and supplement with whatever hypoallergenic formula she'll take. That way she'll get used to the taste of formula , and when we decide to wean completely it won't be so drastic.

Solarflare; thanks for the link to kwfa. I hadn't found that one!

You all are the best [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 12, 2006

Oh I forgot, Ree can you give me your recipe for homemade pancakes? I've been playing around with a few diffrent ones that are egg free, but nothing has worked really well... Thanks

On Oct 12, 2006

I actually use Bisquick, which others aren't comfortable with for MA. I called and feel comfortable. The back says "Contains Wheat."

I eyeball the ingredients, sorry!

I dump some Bisquick in a bowl, add apple juice in place of milk, 1/2 a container of applesauce (those little single serve cups) for the eggs, a little bit of water, and LOTS of cinnamin. I sprinkle a cinnamin & sugar mix on eat pancake once it's in the pan. Cook them on extra-low heat and wait for both sides to almost be cooked before you flip for the 1st time. For some reason, they stay gushy inside if you flip them too early. You definitely can't be in a hurry! They turn out great!

On Oct 12, 2006

While we're already plugging KWFA [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] -- I'll just mention they have a recipe database where you can click on the foods you're avoiding and a choice of recipes comes up. That's where I got the ice cream recipe I mentioned before.

My pancake recipe is from the What's to Eat? Milk, egg, and Nut Free cookbook by Linda Marienhoff-Coss. Have you tried that one Jackson's mom? We like it...I'll post it if you want it. I also sneak some wheat germ and pureed veggies in the pancakes [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]


On Oct 12, 2006

Refusing the Alimentum can be a sign of the allergy. Sometimes they refuse it because it makes their tummy hurt and they cannot tell you. I`d switch to the Neocate and see how it goes. Neocate has no cow`s milk and no soy, so it is pretty much impossible to be allergic to it.

On Oct 12, 2006


Originally posted by Carefulmom: [B]Refusing the Alimentum can be a sign of the allergy. Sometimes they refuse it because it makes their tummy hurt and they cannot tell you.B]

I agree. The two times DD had formula, we tried soy because I suspected a dairy allergy. She refused it, spit it out and then was up all night vomiting & dry heaving. TERRIBLE!

Most things DD is allergic to she immediately spits out.

I also agree with the above posters that I am just happy to have wheat! We are avoiding everything else, but it is very nice to have wheat available.

On Oct 12, 2006

Have you tried the Vanilla Rice Dream? I don't like the plain, but the vaniila is tolerable...

if there's no gluten allergy, try oatmeal with maple syrup or brown sugar and raisens...It's very filling and very easy...

meat and potato meals are also very filling...if you have a crockpot, you can roast almost any meat with veggies...

Even without the bread, you can make hot dogs, burgers, or turkey patties with fries (we like the potatoes cubed pan fried with olive oil and seasonings, leave the skin on for more nutrients)...also you could try making "wraps" substituting lettuce for the tortilla...mustard helps the taste, if you can eat it...

here's a website that may help:


you can enter the food you want to avoid and see what's left...

when I was breastfeeding the doc recommended brewer's yeast tablets to increase my milk supply...maybe you could ask you allergist about it...

hope this helps and wishing you the best!

On Oct 13, 2006


Originally posted by cgroth: [b] I also agree with the above posters that I am just happy to have wheat! We are avoiding everything else, but it is very nice to have wheat available. [/b]

I'm sure people are scoffing, but when you're also dealing with milk, soy and egg allergies, an allergy to wheat makes meal planning a headache.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (9 MFA including peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and egg) Joey (7 NKA) Allison (3 MFA including milk, butternut squash, several fruits and suspected shellfish allergies, avoiding tree nuts, RAST - for peanut) Ryan (born 12/27/05) nka *knock on wood*

On Oct 13, 2006

Got a sample of Neocate and started DD on it today. So far she seems to like it.... It does smell more pleasant than the Alimentum, and hopefully she'll learn to like it.

Dr. also gave me some cherry flavor packets to try, made by Neocate. I will save those in hopes that she accepts it plain. Always like to have something as backup....

As far as nursing goes, I'll continue for as long as I can. But hope to have her weaned by her 1st bday. (7 more weeks) Since last Thursday I've lost another 3 lb. I think this whole thing is stressing me out too much.

On Oct 14, 2006

I am avoiding eggs, PN, TN, and seafood while nursing ds, including any potentially cross contaminated foods (shared fryer, etc.). I cut out dairy for several months when he was younger (he's 16 months now). That was by far the most difficult IMO.

One thing that helped a lot was ordering some cookies and other snacks from Enjoy Life Foods. They are top 8 free and it was nice to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. I often felt very hungry, but knowing I could eat a chocolate chip cookie was great. Plus, I was losing so much weight with that limited diet that eating a few cookies didn't hurt.

I also recently tried Miss Roben's cookie mix (they gave out samples at the Allergy Walk in NC). They were so easy and very good.

Hang in there and Good luck!


On Oct 14, 2006

I am on an elimination diet now for my 1 month old. I do not eat PN/TN, eggs, dairy, legumes(including soy) and rotate everything else(small amounts of wheat). I also did this for my second child from pregnancy through nursing. I found it hard for the first few weeks and then you just get used to it. I am already used to cooking for this type of diet because my DD has MFA and I just eat what she does. She actually can not eat may fruits that I do. I eat alot of fruits, veg, alternative grains, and meats. I have found other things in the Health food stores to snack on. My DD is now 5 and was on Nutramagen until she was 3. She did not want to have it at first and she did not like bottles. I just kept trying and when she got hungry enough she took it eventually. I also found alot of the allergy cookbooks helpful and can usually find some kind of alternative to something that I am craving. I just keep thinking I only have to do this for a total of a year and a half, this is my DD life. She does not get to come off of her diet and she loves that she can eat whatever I do for a while. Hopefully this one will not have any allergies, my second has a mild PA and soy allergy according to the SPT (I had legumes and a few may contains during that pregnancy) so we will see if the third will be clear. Good luck.

On Oct 21, 2006

bumping for Mary

On Oct 21, 2006

This may be an ignorant response but could you rotate goats milk? Every 4 days? I hear that sheep & goat will eventually bother allergic people too --- but will she react to it if it is infrequent? That way you could have some yogurt and cheese.