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I noticed that Kellogg is now making a honey/peanut Eggo waffle. I called Kellogg Canada to check whether it is manufactured on different equipment than the other flavours. I was told all flavours are produced on the same machines, although peanut ones are only produced once a week and the equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between. No peanut warning appears on the box. I am leerly about trusting my daughter's life to someone cleaning the equipment properly. Has anyone had problems with Eggo waffles? I usually buy a different brand, but the choice of flavours is more limited.

On Oct 12, 2001

Thanks for the info! We ONLY use Eggo waffles and my pa son eats them every morning for breakfast! I am upset to hear about this new peanut flavor and will be sure to contact them on Monday and will post response ASAP. Please do the same if you speak with them at Kellogg's, Thanks!

On Oct 12, 2001

Hi - I'm "Hannah's Mom", too, but she's not my child with PA. [img][/img] She's Cayley's baby sister.

I spoke extensively with Kellogg Canada last spring about many plant procedures and I came away completely impressed with what they told me. For example, they DO have peanuts inside the plant BUT, they are behind a locked door in a room with reverse ventilation, so the peanut dust won't float out into the plant when the door is opened. Also, they run the peanut-containing items last thing in the week, before they break the machinery down to clean it on the weekend. They are very aware of cross-contamination issues, and were trained in these cleaning procedures by an allergy task force.

Kellogg Canada takes the utmost care and precaution allergy-wise, and they have won "allergy aware" awards from the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada (now Anaphylaxis Canada). I trust them completely, and Cayley eats Eggo waffles and pancakes almost every weekend.

If you need more extensive information from Kellogg Canada, ask to speak to a "Consumer Specialist". They have more info than the CSR who answer the phones. The Specialist I spoke to actually went walking around the plant to make sure the info she was telling me was accurate - we spoke several times on the phone.

Hope this helps. Also, do a search for Kellogg Canada - you'll find lots of other helpful info on this site.

Carolyn P.S. Note that none of the above info is related to Kellogg USA - only Canada-specific.

On Oct 12, 2001

I have to admit that I'm very "jealous" of you Canadians right now! I sure wish Kellogg's in the US took the same precautions! My son has had 2 bad reactions to Kellogg's products... cereal and waffles. Valerie

On Oct 12, 2001

Neighborgal - I meant to say *unfortunately* this info is Canada-specific. I feel badly that Kellogg USA isn't quite as vigilant as Canada. But did you know, FAAN gave Kellogg USA an American award for allergy-awareness? I was so surprised to read that, in light of the Kellogg USA-related reactions I've read about on these boards. ANY reaction is the pits, as we all know.

Best wishes to you and your son.

Hannah's Mom - I forgot to mention that there is no warning on the box because there is no risk of contamination. They follow the GMPs (good manufacturing practices) and do not *have* to put blanket warnings on items unless there is an actual risk of cross-contamination. If it's a Kellogg Canada product, and there's no peanut warning - it's safe. Give them another call!


On Oct 12, 2001

That is good that Kelloggs Canada products are safe.

How about products made by Kelloggs USA for Kelloggs Canada? For example, many Kelloggs cereals are made in Canada (ie: Corn Flakes, etc), but what about those cereals made in the USA by Kelloggs USA and sold by Kelloggs Canada (ie: Kelloggs Vector cereal?)

I wonder if these are safe from cross-contamination? I guess I will need to phone Kelloggs to see if they are safe as Canadian made products.

On Oct 12, 2001

erik - if you get an answer to that, please post. I wasn't satisfied with the answer I got on that issue - here's what it was:

Kellogg Canada imports products from the U.S. plants, but they label according to Health Canada guidelines. Therefore, they must take into consideration the GMPs at the plant they're importing from. Because Kellogg USA and Canada are "sister" companies, the presumption is quite prevalent among the CSRs, and even the specialists, that the GMPs and allergy-awareness are the same in both countries. They are not. SO, what does this mean? Are we at risk using imported products because they are not using the same vigilance Kellogg Canada does? I don't know. Do those particular plants which export to Canada follow Canadian GMPs? No, they follow U.S. guidelines. Are they inspected by Health Canada? No, they are inspected by the FDA.

So, you can see, I never really resolved the import issue, but I've yet to hear of a reaction from a U.S.-exported, Canadian-distributed Kellogg product. Please do post with what you learn.

Carolyn (Who knows WAY more about Kellogg than anyone needs to know, lol)

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On Oct 13, 2001

You know, this comes down to a comfort zone thing I guess but because they make a "peanut Eggo" for me anyway (more paranoid than I should be at times :eek [img][/img] that just makes it off limits I don't care how carefully they clean their machinery after! Again it's a comfort zone thing and I know most people are comfortable with eating these products with no worries.

I use McCain frozen waffles (no peanut or nut flavors). I was quite happy with their response when I spoke with them some time ago.

Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Oct 13, 2001

I also believe this is a comfort zone issue. If there is a choice between a product which is made on a dedicated line or in a nut-free plant (such as McCain waffles) versus one which is made on shared equipment (Kelloggs waffles), I always choose the former. I will occasionally choose products that are not manufactured on dedicated lines only if there are no food alternatives and only if I have checked with the manufacturer as to their cleaning procedures and level of allergy awareness.

On Oct 13, 2001

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own comfort zone for sure, but I'll tell you why mine includes a product like Eggo produced by a company like Kellogg Canada.

Peanuts/tree nuts are everywhere, and very few companies exclude them from their entire line of food products. If we didn't have companies who used GMPs to thoroughly clean their production lines, in accordance with strict guidelines imposed by allergy advocacy groups like Anaphylaxis Canada, our PA/TNA food choices would be very limited indeed. I will always patronize companies who go the extra allergy mile, because they need to know that what they do for us is appreciated. Money talks, so I spend my money where I think PA/TNA consumers are being treated with consideration and respect.

McCain's is another great company for allergic consumers, but my personal comfort zone definitely includes Kellogg Canada also. JMHO!

Carolyn [img][/img]

On Oct 15, 2001

I am in the US, and I contacted Eggo today. They told me they DO NOT have a peanut flavored waffle!!!! I plan to continue purchasing their waffles.

On Oct 15, 2001

For what it is worth, we are in the US and gave up Eggo waffles about a year ago. After my son ate one, he had the beginnings of an allergic reaction. It stopped with some benadryl but that was the last time I bought them.

By Milt on Nov 30, 2010

We recently purchased "Eggo Nutri-Grain, Whole Wheat Waffles. My wife, being calorie conscious, noted on the package that the calories for one waffle was 80 but that the "per serving-2 waffles" the calorie count was 170.

Question: Does each waffle gain 5 calories when toasted together? My wife would like two waffles for breakfast but would like to know what she should do to avoid the extra 10 calories. Also, being presently unemployed, I would like to apply for the position of company Mathematician?

Thanking You, in advance, for your response.

Milton Bronson Largo, Florida