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Egg residue reaction?

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My DS is allergic to peanuts,eggs,wheat,milk,soy,rye,bananas...I've seen all the posts about peanut residue reactions, but is an egg residue reaction a possibility? I'm NOT choosing to elminate eggs from our household, since DS is only 12 mo.'s! Just wondered what the risks are with eggs.

On Feb 9, 2007

Depends largely on sensitivity... but skin reactions from overt/raw egg contact are fairly common. Hives from batter or frosting are actually how many people find out about an egg allergy.

We're the exception (when it comes to egg allergy) so I don't know how valid this is... but I know that we've had serious problems from egg residue. I also know from reading a research study about allergen removal some years ago... egg residue is VERY difficult to remove by washing-- so if you have a child who is extremely reactive, you can't wash "eggy" dishes and hope to get them clean enough.

This is the real reason that DD doesn't eat off of dishes that have been run through a dishwasher other than in our egg-free home.

Please note that for most people, this is a totally unnecessary step. Most EA kids tolerate traces subjected to extremely high temperatures just fine. DD doesn't.

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On Feb 9, 2007

Don't assume or be fooled! Some kids can and some can not. Be careful and watchful.

Our allergist gave us the song and dance about not needing to remove eggs, etc.... as long as DD did not ingest them. She also told us she would outgrow her egg allergy.

For us, both comments were wrong. Our DD does react to contact with egg - meaning actual egg cooked or raw. I have also seen her have a contact reaction to mayonaise. Lost in a baked good, I don't see the same reaction, however, we do not have eggs in our home for any reason and in any form. Our DD (and family when at home) does not eat may contains or possible cross contamination.

In addition, "I believe" (this is not medically proven) that when our daughter is in a place including homes where eggs have been cooked recently, her asthma kicks up.

My husband and I miss eating eggs terribly. We are planning a weekend away and laughed because we want to eat every meal at a breakfast place!

Once, my husband was very ill, just out of the hospital and the only thing he wanted to eat was eggs. I bought a half dozen, put them in a cooler on the deck. When he woke up, I started the grill and cooked scrambled eggs outside. He sat out on the deck to eat them with plasticware. He was so happy, he finally ate something too, and I was able to throw everything (except the grill) away. Then I cleaned the grill and DD never knew.

Lastly, our allergist wanted our DD to have the flu shot this year because of asthma. She had her staff do a test with diluted flu vaccine before the injection. The reaction was swift and took the staff and doctor by surprise. She no longer poo poos this allergy with us. (I also don't think she believes my DD will outgrow it either.)

On Feb 9, 2007

We did not have eggs in our house b/c of my ds allergy. We choose not to have peanuts or nuts in our house too. We did always have Ranch dressing and mayo. Never bothered him, but we did not cook eggs in the house at all. I believe it is all a matter of someones comfort. I believe he would have been fine with eggs being here but it made me feel better to not cook them.