Egg Allergy/Flu Vacc...Here we go again..


Here we go again flu season and the same question pops up...Will my DS and DD get a vaccination. My oldest is not allergic so we have no issues but my two youngest. My son was a Preemie so I really worry about flu season and my youngest is under 2. HOWEVER, they are both allergic to eggs. Last year they did not get the flu shot and now this year we have a new Dr. who we just started worries me that he did not hesitate and said, "why, of course they'll get the flu shot?"

My I trust his judgement?? Do I get a second opinion? Do I just get my oldest vaccinated (she is the only one going to school). UGH@!!! Opinions please!

On Oct 5, 2004

Did you remind the Dr. about the egg allergy? Sometimes it seems like they forget.

I've been told to feed my son cheese and pudding to get his calcuim. I had to remind the Dr. that he has a dairy allergy and can't have those things.

It's a shame, isn't it?

I'd get a second opinion from an allergist. Or even a third opinion! Better safe than sorry.

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On Oct 5, 2004

My kids have egg allergies, and one has asthma, so he would normally be urged to have the shot. The allergist says to skip the flu shot. My husband and I both get one in an attempt to keep the whole family flu free.

On Oct 5, 2004

They do have an egg free flu shot!!!

My cousin is in nursing at college & a few of the other student nurses have egg allergies, so they were givin an egg free shot. The teacher told them that it cost much more but if they need that one for health reasons thats what they get.

The student nurses req. a flu shot before being able to complete their placement

On Oct 5, 2004

DS is very allergic to eggs. I'm allergic, so he didn't have much contact with egg before his egg allergy dx, but had had a few reactions to small amounts of egg before testing. Based on his skin test and CAP RAST scores, the allergist said to consider him anaphylactic to egg. He has had the flu vaccine without problem several years in a row now. In fact, he just had one today at the pulmonologist. The doctor said that usually with egg allergic patients, they give them a very small dose and look for reaction to the egg. If no reaction, get the full dose in a day or two. He also said the amount of egg in the vaccine is "minute" but he would still be very cautious if it was DS's first flu vaccine.

IMO, I would consider giving the vaccine with close monitoring and a small test dose first.

Go with your gut, though... Rebekah

On Oct 5, 2004

The CDC says people with egg allergies shouldn't get the flu vaccine ([url][/url]). I tend to trust them on this, as the CDC is usually the one PUSHING vaccines.


On Oct 6, 2004

DS's allergist told us yesterday he would like to skin test him to the flu vaccine adn then if ok, give it to him in small doses...he said he's never had an egg allergic patient NOT be able to take the vaccine....I want him to have it but this makes me nervous. Melissa

On Oct 6, 2004

I've always thought the consensus is:

If you have egg allergy (and asthma), it is recommended NOT to get the flu shot.

That being said, Meghan had one done (not egg allergic, afaik) at her 18 mth check up. No reaction.

Sara will not get one (unless the ped gets extra and gives it to her).

Caitlin will NOT. End of story.

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On Oct 6, 2004

Hmmm. Ds is only 9 months old today. We have a ped appt for his well visit(both kids actually). Dd is egg allergic and we do not do the flu vaccine. I had a questionable large signif. local reaction the only time I had it, and was advised to have it done in the ER if I ever chose to vaccinate myself again. I have never had it again. Not sure whether to have ds have it.

What do you guys do for the younger sibs who are not known yet to have the allergy to eggs? I have not given him anything with even an egg baked in it.

It is recommended that babies do have the flu vaccine and he will be very prone with the rest of us *not* being vaccinated. Dh has no risk factors and there is a shortage this year. With is needle phobia, gives him a great out! becca

On Oct 6, 2004

What about that nasal flu vac. that they were talking a lot about last year? Does anyone know if that one is egg-based?

On Oct 6, 2004

Well, we got it for ds, since he is in the high risk group being an infant, and has had no known egg exposures. Like anyone who is not known to be allergic. I figure, I am one step ahead of anyone with no known family history in that we have the epi-jrs around. I will be more watchful at the follow up one in a month. Poor dd had to have 2 boosters and a blood draw as it was, so she lucked out in not being able to have the flu shot. becca

On Oct 6, 2004

Darkmage, the nasal flu vaccine is only for age 5 to 49, and is contraindicated if the patient has asthma. So I think that pretty much rules out almost all of the kids of the people who post here. Meaning if they are getting flu vaccine because they are 6 to 23 months old, they are too young for the nasal one, and if they are over 23 months and getting flu vaccine because of asthma they cannot get the nasal one. And due to the shortage, they are eliminating some of the groups that they were recommending it for before, as the supply has now been cut in half due to the second largest manufacturer having their license suspended yesterday. They are recommending it still for parents who have a child under age 6 months, so I guess those people could get the nasal one (assuming they did not have asthma).

On Oct 7, 2004

Ah! Thanks for the info. I'll be going in next week for our shots. My daughter is 13 months so I think she'll be sure to get a shot. My son is 4. I hope that he and I will be able to get shots. We'll see what they say.

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