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egg allergy, new labeling & pasta

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If you are also dealing with egg allergy, what are you doing about pasta? We'd been using Barillia, mostly, for years, but now they are making a pasta with egg at their US facility, so the pasta now has an egg warning.

Prince and Ronzoni are owned by the same parent company and all of their pasta now has a warning statement below the ingredient statement that says that the pasta is made in a facility that manufactures products containing eggs.

So now it seems that the major manucturers of pasta have a may contain warning or a vague processed in warning.

My 2 questions are:

1) what is everyone w/ egg allergies doing about pasta

2) is anyone else worried about manufacturers putting "processed in a facility" warnings on everything and leaving us not much to eat?

On Nov 21, 2005

Im trying to find a safe pasta too...I did stock up on a bunch of the older boxes of barilla but dont know what to do when that runs out

Is the Barilla w/egg run on the same lines or just in the same plant?

On Nov 21, 2005

I received this email October 27, 2005 when I questioned Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy and Egg in their facility and equipment contamination.

Thank you for contacting Barilla with your inquiry. As of September 2005 our plant will begin producing a pasta product that contains eggs. Our egg pasta will only be produced approximately 7 times per year on dedicated days. On these days our regular pasta will not be produced. Our blue boxes of pasta do not contain eggs, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy or rice products.

Following the production of our egg pasta, all of the manufacturing equipment will be cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, lab tests will be performed on the equipment to ensure that cross contamination is well below minimum standards. Please note that Barilla strictly adheres to all Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP Plans as mandated by the FDA.

We hope you will be able to continue enjoying Barilla Pasta and Sauces. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Regards, Consumer Relations Barilla America, Inc. [email][/email]

I am comfortable with their dried pasta in the blue box. Hope this helps! Alicia

On Nov 21, 2005

I called Kroger the other day & got what I believe to be a great responce.

Their eggless pastas are made on mach's that do not process egg at all. Their egg pasta's are made a seperate lines.

We have never had a problem, & we eat a lot of PASTA & they have a great "Noodle Style Pasta" that is just like egg noodle but NO egg.

Hope you all find this helpful

On Dec 26, 2005

Yes, I am worried about all of these companies and all of their "processed in a faciltiy" statements. Recently, TONS of bread manufacturers have gone that way as well...very frustrating.

I found an ALDI brand pasta that does not have any statements (hope its accurate). It is their "Reggano" brand thin spaghetti. Hope this helps...

Jill Kelsey, 5, TNA Mark, 17 months, EA, MA