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I was just invited to a party where salads will be served. I am sure there will be ranch dressing and my daughter has an EA. Of course, we will not be eating the ranch dressing, but would you allow your daughter to attend? I don't have a babysitter and that is why she will attend with me. Thanks in advance.

Mom to Sydney (PA and EA)

On May 21, 2008

I have taken my daughter to several events a year with food like that. My daughter has PA, TA, EA, MA, and rice allergies. I take her own food and wipes to wipe down any area we sit in and never let her out of my site. (She is four.) I hope going to things like this give her a sense of normalcy but she is still a very shy child. I did have a small incident at one of those gatherings. My little cousin came up to my daughter and twisted her finger (my nieces finger) on my daughters check. It caused a localized hive. I wiped it off and the hive went away. I do a lot more with wipes now then before that incident - on my daughter and others. You have to work from your own comfort zone. Good luck. Cindy - mom to Gillian