Egg Allergies & Flu Shot

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I have a class 1 egg allergy. Took half the flu vaccine today. No problem. Going back in a month for the second half of the vaccine.

My allergist did tell me today that there was a study done of egg allergic persons taking the flu shot. In the first study, 2500 persons with egg allergy were followed. 5 had an allergic reaction when given the flu shot.

In another study, 2000 persons with egg allergy were followed. 4 had an allergic reaction when given the flu shot.

I feel like I have to a flu shot due to the fact I have asthma and several antibiotic allergies.

On Dec 19, 2002

Ben had the flu shot and is egg allergic. First they did a skin test, no reaction. Next a tiny injection just under the skin, it swelled. Had he not reacted to that they would have given the shot in 2 doses but since he did it had to be given in 8 doses. He got 4 that day and another 4 two weeks later. After the second shot he started breaking out in bumps - not hives - red raised bumps in patches. After the 3rd shot he got a few hives on his face. They gave him Benedryl and gave the final shot. IT WAS HORRIBLE. He tested negative to egg on his last RAST test. The nurse told me they had a kid who tested negative to egg and had an anaphylactic reaction during an egg challenge. We are scheduled for an egg challenge in April but after seeing the reaction to the shot that statistically he should not have reacted to I may cancel.


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On Dec 19, 2002

Which vaccine did they give him? One of the vaccines has neomycin and possibly streptomycin in it.

I had the one without the antibiotics.

On Dec 20, 2002

I did not know there were different ones! I have no idea which one he had.

On Dec 20, 2002

I read on the Internet that there are two different vaccines. I can't remember the names now. One of the vaccines has antibiotics (neomycin and streptomycin) in it and the other doesn't.

When I had my shot, I specifically asked which vaccine they were going to give me before I would consent to the shot. They told me that they only order vaccine without the antibiotics.

Maybe, you should check on this because you can have an allergy to those two antibiotics.

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