I'm curious about thoughts about a mystery anaphylactic reaction last night. I am PN, TN, sesame and chick pea allergic. I had dinner at home (leftovers I had eaten previously without event) and a new brand (called the manufacturer and they do not process the other things I'm allergic to) of edamame in the pods. I usually eat shelled without difficulty. I can also eat tofu and soy meat substitutes without a problem. I went to my parents' home and began feeling ill and developed the reaction. I did not eat anything there. Mom had peanut butter 2 days prior. They are unpacking from a move after 30 years in the previous house and things are in disarray. It is quite possible there was previous residue but they have not eaten any other of the items I'm allergic to since moving in two weeks ago. Thoughts?

On May 7, 2004

Hi erl, I hope your reaction wasn't too bad.

I guess this is one of those cases where you just really can't tell. Any chance you can get to your allergist to get tested for soy?

I'm sure you know these allergies can develop at any time - my son has the same allergies as you and used to eat sesame quite often with no problem until one night he ate the same bread he had eaten many times before, and erupted in hives from head to toe.

Best of luck in your role as detective.


On May 9, 2004

I would just use the process of elimination. One can't always tell if an allergy comes from peanuts or vegetables. I hope your reaction was not severe. Could you explain your symptoms. Did you need to take Benedryl or use an Epi Pen? How did you feel after eating the food. How long after did you start to feel ill? It could be food poisionig or some other reaction. The world of medicin is so complex where the same set of symptoms might overlap another disorder.

On May 10, 2004

To clarify, it was anaphylaxis. I used Benadryl and it progressed. I used epi and went to the ER for additional treatment. At this point, I'll continue eating soy and shelled edamame but not the ones in the pods. Not too rational but worth a try.