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Here is a link to a blurb about research on a link between Eczema treatment lotion and PA. My PA son had severe eczema as a baby. I was wondering how many others with PA also had Eczema?



On Jun 4, 2001

My 16 month old son is highly PA and has had practically uncontrollable eczema since he was born. We constantly have creams, cream steroids, and recently internal steroids to control the problem. I'd be interested in seeing the link from PA, eczema, and asthma. I've heard that food allergy and eczema prone children have a great chance of growing into asthma as well.

On Jun 4, 2001

Taran definitely had eczema before the peanut allergies were diagnosed, and I was using lotion on him at 5 months old. However it has always been a prescribed cream, never just over-the-counter stuff. Do you think there would be peanut oils in a topical steroid cream?

I wonder if it's just that most of the kids with PA have other allergies and eczema as well. We certainly seem to have noticed that among ourselves havent' we?

On Jun 4, 2001

I am currently taking an EFA supplement (essential fatty acids); I don't have PA or eczema - I'm taking them because they've 'cured' my headaches.

It is my understanding that these (EFAs) help with eczema. Of course, in the diet, EFAs are found naturally in peanuts and nuts. I assume that's at least part of the reason our PA children have eczema.

I use Aveeno on my son, and it works great.

On Jun 4, 2001

Tucker definitely has exczema. Nothing seems to work. My logic tells me that something has to be triggering it, I just have to figure out what.

I suspected that eggs were one trigger. When he was allergy tested, Tucker only showed pa, but the doctor pointed out a minor reaction to eggs, saying there was nothing to worry about. Now I have cut them out of his diet...not reading labels for eggs, but not cooking omelettes for him anymore.

However, he is still showing exczema. I am starting to breed a theory here...that there are low levels of peanut exposure almost everywhere! When he was exposed to peanuts on an airplane, he broke out the same way, only more intense. So who's to say that he isn't constantly running into exposure at the book store, from lotions on other people, from unwashed kids he plays with?

The only problem with this theory is that it means there is no hope to get away from the skin reactions? What does anyone else think?

On Jun 4, 2001

Lam, I'm glad you mentioned the EFAs. Kim I also mentioned on another thread that her son started on Omega 3 EFAs and his eczema cleared up in 3 days. Ben's has been much better since I put him on EFAs. It flaired up a day or two ago, and I had slacked off on them, and also he had some dairy, which may be the cause. Anyway, for those of you struggling with eczema, it's worth looking into. There's a thread on the off topic board titles "alternative remedies for seasonal allergies" or something like that. It's no too far down the page.

I'm skeptical about the lotion link. Ben's eczema was never horrible and I didn't use much lotion on him. I think these kids with eczema are just allergic, atopic kids with a higher predisposition to PA. Interesting theory though.

On Jun 4, 2001

Okay, so here's another question. Has anyone's PA child's eczema disappeared when peanut products were eliminated from the maternal diet and household? How about asthma--did it disappear also? My son's asthma disappeared with a PA diagnosis, and his eczema virtually disappeared once all sources of peanuts were eliminated.

On Jun 4, 2001

Bensmom- I think that your observations are probably correct. We also didn't use much lotion on our daughter for her skin, even though our pediatrician advised us to. Steroid creams were the only thing that ever really helped, but they irritated her skin in other ways!! Everything I have read supports a good correlation between asthma, milk allergies, and eczema, (and other food allergies, pa included!) but no one mechanism of relationship seems to exist. Not all asthmatic children had eczema, and not all babies with eczema go on to develop food allergies, but a lot of them do. It seems to just be a marker of immune sensitivity. (Sigh..... if only we had known what it meant!!)

On Jun 5, 2001

I tried to reply to this post yesterday but AOL kept booting me off. Nick is on EPA (EFA) for his eczema. It has helped tremendously. After 3 days of the EPA his eczema has cleared up. I'm giving it to him 1 time a day and if we miss a few days I can see his face starting to get a little red. I agree with BENSMOM this is something to look into if your child has severe eczema. I would talk to someone who knows about supplements before starting on them. Nick is 3, I don't know how much to give anyone younger than that. I can try to find out if this is a supplement that is excreated by the body or if its one that is stored.

BENSMOM if Ben is having diarrhea that can be a sign of too much vit. C. Vit C is not stored in the body so whatever is not used is removed. Kim

On Jun 5, 2001

My son Jackson had horrible eczema, mostly on his face, from the time he was an infant. He is now 3. We tried every prescription steriod cream and lotion there was to clear it up. When he was one we found out he was peanut and egg allergic. As soon as we eliminated peanuts and eggs from his diet, the eczema was gone. That is scary to think all the lotions and creams we put on him could have contributed to his allergies. Jessica

On Jun 5, 2001

See also my "Baby cream..." thread on the Main Board...

On Jun 5, 2001

hello, have you seen nicks thread from dr gideon lack? williams eczema improved as we eliminated eggs/nuts from his diet,also when we discovered the dustmite allergy/cat and dog . we brought the allergy bed covers and reduced his exposure as much as poss to dustmite. this took time and the problem with inflamed skin is that its tends to be sensitive for months after you have removed / reduced the offending allergen. as we removed these allergens from william , only months later that he could tolerate exposure to fabric dressing in new clothes, hair spray,etc . once l put olive oil on his skin and boom , instant bubbles, but he is not allergic to olive oil ,we eat it regularly, his skin just seemed to be still over reacting. as for his prescribed creams , none of those have contained peanut/nut oil, but l am not so sure about mine over the years !!! l dont think early exposure to nuts can be the only reason we have such a rise in peanut allergy, l think it goes way back , hmm, perhaps to winston dont laugh , l am serious. during the war he needed many women to work in factorys making amunition etc , so he made baby milk free to mothers so that they could leave their babys with granny(good old evaporated milk watered down, hmm yummy) so these babys were brought up with out mothers milk with nice raised histamine levels... years later more babys are born with at least better baby formula (that was invented with the best of intentions to save babys lives and still does!) but still essentionaly made from cows milk and other compounds (beef oils peanut oils etc etc) . then through in all the environment changes centrol heating, carpets, double glazeing etc etc, and proberly countles other things and boom stacks of eczema , asthma, allergys . Early eczema is an idication of, perhaps, a allergy that is already there shouting at us to take notice ?? with eczema there is no easy reply as with allergys every one reacts individually , eczema on its own without clear reactions to food remains one of the hardest things for a parent/child to bear , esp if wide covering and inflamed ,etc . we were lucky that we pin pointed the problems and although my sons skin still needs prescribed help to keep it in good shape, at the moment its under control, dry like a biscuit, but under control! sorry to waffle on a bit , williamsmummy

On Jun 7, 2001

I just feel terrible after reading about the association between eczema,lotions and PA. Since my duaghter was two months old and came down with eczema on her legs I have been using a creamfrom phytome which includes, sweet almond oil, soybean oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil,(no peanut oil) etc and it really helped she never had a reaction to it and I have been using it for eight months to keep ezcema under control. I had no idea this would cause a peanut allergy. I figured if she was allergic to any componenet of the cream we would know. I am also going to discontinue the EFA supplement I am taking(Uo's oil) because it does come from various seeds. i thought it would get through my breastmilkand help my daughter. I'm sure it did but I don't know if it's making things worse(in terms of peanut allergy) Many earlier posts said avoid seeds too. Guilt, guilt and just when you think you were helping matters.

Sophie's mom

On Jun 8, 2001

My sister has eczema and PA. She uses Diprobase, I don't think that has nuts in although she won't use it because she says that it makes her itchy.

On Jun 9, 2001

Hi, I'm Julie and it's been a few months since I've been on the Board. I don't have kids, but I'm 29 and have had PA (class 5) since I was 1 1/2, and I have had eczema my entire life as well. The only ointment I have ever had luck with is Lydex (prescription), and it cleared up the eczema in 24-48 hours (even the worst case scenario). My eczema actually cleared up on its own around age 22, and I rarely have outbreaks anymore, even regardless of diet, so there is hope at least your children will eventually outgrow it, although I realize that doesn't help at the moment. Anyway, I didn't see anyone mention Lydex, so I thought it would, because it works quickly and, perhaps most importantly with children, it DOES NOT sting, even on open wounds from eczema. -- Julie

On Jun 12, 2001

My son had terrible eczema since he was a few months old. He also had bad case of cradle cap.. (Like a bad case of dandruff)... geuss what my pediatritian told me to use.... YUP... PEANUT OIL ON HIS HEAD!! "Not any other type of oil" he said... "it HAD TO BE PEANUT OIL." And yes..I went out to the store and bought a whole bottle of planters peanut oil, and I used it repeatedly to try to loosen up his dry skin on his scalp. WHY OH WHY did he have to be so specific about PEANUT OIL?? We no longer have this pediatrition... we moved many years ago. (Sigh...) Now I have something else to feel guilty about!