Eczema or reaction


Hi, I am rather new at this and would appreciate it if someone could share experience. My two year old daughter has PA and when she was an infant, she had some minor cases of eczema. Now autumn has arrived, I noticed small patches of "eczema" behind her knees and wrist. Now, how would I tell those hive-looking patches are reactions or eczema?

On Oct 15, 2007

My almost 3y/o had/has eczema too... the hives are something that pop up almost immediately after eating a pn food, eczema, or at least my son's was something that kind of faded in.

The hives can disappear within hours, where eczema patches take days to get rid of with a topical cream such as cortizone.

Benedryl can help hives go away, but don't do anything for eczema.

My son's eczema patches were very scaly, hives are a raised hot bump on the skin.

Hope this helps!