eczema - help!

Posted on: Fri, 10/19/2007 - 3:38am
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My daughter had eczema as a baby ... always mild, never too bad. She had some around both ankles and a little patch on one elbow. Of course, if our pediatrician had actually read her chart, he might have felt differently about encouraging me to give her peanut butter at 19 months! (her eczema had been treated by two other pediatricians who had each later left this office, so this was our 3rd doctor there).

At any rate, her eczema seems to be returning. Not sure what this means ... is she devloping allergies to other things? We have obviously maintained a strict avoidance of peanut products/may contains, etc since her diagnosis 3 months ago.

So, does anyone know what this flare up might mean, and can anyone recommend a cream that might give her some relief. I have tried Mustela (terrible ... it made her itch until she bled) and Gentle Naturals (which doesn't seem much better). Maybe putting nothing on it is the key?!

Thanks for "listening"

Posted on: Fri, 10/19/2007 - 3:58am
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My son's eczema makes a bit of a return once the weather turns cooler and we turn the furnace on, despite the whole house humidifier.
We treat his eczema with cortizone cream 2x's per day and put aveeno on daily. Once the patches are gone it tends to stay away if we continue the lotion at least every other day.
Oatmeal baths that contain "Natural colloidal oatmeal" are the ones to get... aveeno lotion has this also.
Whether this is a sign that your daughter is developing more allergies? I don't know. If you keep track of what she is eating and try eliminating different foods that could help you answer that question.
Hope this helps!

Posted on: Fri, 10/19/2007 - 11:36pm
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My daughter has eczema flare ups too. She is PA NA . We have noticed that when she eats a lot of products that have egg in them or lots of beans, she has a flare up, usually in her diaper area but on her arms and knees too. So I would look to her diet and figure when it happens.
We have a cream mix of Eucercin and hydracoritozone that we use and for her bottom we use Triple Paste.

Posted on: Sat, 10/20/2007 - 11:48pm
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My DD is also PN/TN and eczema as well . We use to use a cream that the DR. Rx but I since learned that it caused cancer in children so we now use Ellicon cream it is a steroid cream BUT it is the only way she gets any relief when she gets a flair up. Which by the way we have notice is not that much any more since the use of this cream. I use it once a day after bath an load her up with Aquafora( Not the cream) for example lets say on Monday she has a flair up I will use it that night and that is it the rest of the week it is Aquafora so it is more like a one time use not an everyday treatment. Ellicon sorry again about the spelling is the Rx cream to stay away from. I also use hydrocordizone...hope this helps

Posted on: Sun, 10/21/2007 - 3:31am
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thanks everyone. strangely enough, i have put nothing on her the last few days and it seems to be getting better! maybe she's sensitive to something in the creams? you can't win, can you!?

Posted on: Sun, 10/21/2007 - 5:29am
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you need to stay away from creams like gentle naturals. they market it as an eczema cream, and i know it's "fragrance free", but look at all of the ingredients...Aloe, Aprictot Kernel,ChamomilleFlower Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, to name a few. it's way too many things that can aggravate sensitive skin. stick with lotions that have only a few ingredients and no fragrance -- aquaphor is the best in my opinion. you cannot just let the skin remain dry (without lotion) because that will also aggravate the eczema. now that the skin has calmed down from the other lotions, be diligent about putting lotions on at least twice a day; make sure bathes are short and not too warm; make sure you get lotions on within 5 minutes of bath, so the skin does not dry out; if necessary, treat with hydrocortisone but never on any open skin.
hope this helps...

Posted on: Mon, 10/22/2007 - 5:15am
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i completely agree with you on the extensive ingredient lists, which is what both of those creams (mustela and gentle naturals) had in common. when i meant that we weren't using anything, i meant no specific eczema cream, which is what we will probably continue to do. i guess i was just looking for some "magic potion" that would heal her little flare ups, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. we use aveeno after every bath, which we've never had a problem with. i've heard aquaphor is good, too ... thanks for the tip!

Posted on: Tue, 10/23/2007 - 8:56am
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My dd too has really bad eczema. It flared up last year and never went back down. I tried everything the dr said-- baths, aquaphor, prescription creams, avoiding certain foods, etc. Nothing worked! But we have just recently discovered that dairy is directly related to her flare ups. She is not allergic to dairy but it does affect her. So with the bathing and lathering of aquaphor and avoiding diary, she is finally finally finding some relief. (after a year of misery and itching and bleeding, we are crying with happiness to see some change)
Just thought I'd pass this on because sometimes its not an obvious answer and can take some experimentation to figure it out.
Hope you can get to the bottom of the eczema and find a solution so you can treat more than just the symptoms!

Posted on: Wed, 10/24/2007 - 6:09pm
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I know a few people too who get eczema from dairy. My child had eczema too as a baby and since all the major allergens that she came up allergic too on the allergy test where eliminated from her diet she seems to do better (one of them being dairy).

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