eczema around eyes?

Posted on: Tue, 02/26/2008 - 10:17pm
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So whatever it is that is outside this time of year really seems to effect our whole family. My youngest that has the PA seems to be really effected by it this year too. If he goes outside for just a few minutes all around his eyes gets horrible red and broken out. Even if we stay inside and after some Benadryl he is still all broken out around his eye and they are so itchy.

I called his allergist and he said to put cortizone around his me this just doesn't sound very safe! I did put a tiny tiny amount over the area around the bridge of his nose but I just don't feel safe putting it on his eyelids or under his eyes. Does anyone have anything safe that can go around the eyes for some relief? TIA!

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Posted on: Wed, 02/27/2008 - 4:51am
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I was told by my dd's dermatologist and pharmacist to never put cortisone on their face. Reason being is that it can thin the skin on the face and then you would be able to see the blood vessels. They prescribed a different type of cortisone (hydracortisone??) anyway it was alot milder than what we could use on her body. Probably your pharmacist would have a better idea what type of cortisone cream is safe for the face.
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Posted on: Wed, 02/27/2008 - 2:45pm
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My 2 year old used to have similar problem. Before I figured out it's eczema, I used to get so worried and thought it's a mysterious reaction. I put on hydrocortizone only when she's sleeping.

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