Econo Pack Cookies--Canada--Made by Dare


I came across these cookies last week quite accidentally. I had never seen them before.

They are in clear packaging, with a white label. In large red letters is written [b]ECONO[/b]. The cookies look like Cadbury ladyfingers, long wafers covered with chocolate. They were called Fiddle Stix.

The person who offered them to us insisted they were peanut free. I read the labelling. In bold, at the end of the ingredient list, states: [b]Manufactured in a nut free/peanut free facility [/b]. A few lines down, lists this name/product as a registered trademark of [b]Dare Foods Limited[/b] [img][/img]

I went looking for them in the grocery store, and found them in Dominion. There was another Econo cookie labelled "Coated Graham", chocolate covered Graham cookies. They were not labelled with assurance as the Fiddle Stix, but at the same time, there were no warnings. They were manufactured in the same Dare peanut free facilities as the Fiddle Stix.

Has anyone else heard of or tried these cookies? My guys tried the Fiddle Stix. They liked them---they were happy to have another cookie option [img][/img]