Easy to take for granted...


It's easy to get caught up in the main discussion board, maybe check a few other boards, then leave until the next visit (I'm guilty of this too). But, if you haven't checked out the Research board in a while, please take a look and read the topic about raising money for vaccines.

Did you know that Peanutallergy is held together by one person? Chris. I think that's amazing! In the thread about vaccines (under the Research board), please read the posts by Chris and consider the impact if this site had to close.... As I understand it he's in at least 60K debt committing his life to this. Even if we are all broke (I am!), surely we can afford to send small donations that would add up!! I think it must be very frustrating to be in his shoes - wanting to help but not supported...

Let's make a REAL difference and help Chris with legislative and research issues. As we support each other each day, I think we should be careful not to forget to support the cause and the person who made this website possible [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

You could email him if you have questions. Also, he provides the mailing address - I really think we ALL need to "Just do it" and put a check in the mail (even if it's only $5 - imagine how that could add up!). This wouldn't be just financial support - it would be emotional support too so that Chris can know he IS making a big difference for so many of us and in so many ways that we don't know about - he does lots of behind-the-scenes work too (check out Legislation board).

I'm charged! Hope you all will get excited too - read the strand! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Nov 5, 2000

LOL I turned my puter on and logged on just now, specifically to come get the address so I can send this check I wrote out last night! I'm glad you posted this. I was about to do a search to see if I could find the address again. (couldn't remember where I saw it) We're not able to send much right now, but we're definently going to be sending as much as we can when we can!

On Nov 5, 2000

I agree with you. I have sent Chris $175 so far this year and I will be willing to send at least that much every year. Also, I suggested to Chris that he speak with the makers of epi pens and others to sponsor this site. It would seem to me that this site is a natural site for them to want to sponsor. Andy

On Nov 5, 2000

Just a comment. About 1 1/2 yrs. ago when I learned of this site I was not on-line. Someone gave me the snailmail address of peanutallergy.com and told me a membership of $30 would be assessed and I would receive regular newletters like I get from FAN. So I wrote and asked for info - more than willing to send the $30 or provide CC to charge against. I have never, to this day, received a reply. The mail did not get returned to me, so someone has it somewhere. I will be sending money shortly - but what about a yearly subscription fee? It could be a voluntary thing. Every year my homeowner's association asks for $10 from each resident voluntarily. You know not everyone contributes but many contribute more than they are asked.

How about it Chris - given this any thought? Also, how about approaching the manufacturers and asking for financial assistance to keep the web site up and running?

On Nov 5, 2000

You're right. We need to contribute. Although we are a family with a very modest income, we feel the need to send in what we can. What better cause for us?! I am sending a check. About the research - PA adults and teens PLEASE give serious consideration to participating in the study. We all need to help!

Chris at PA.com this next question is mostly for you -

I understand some peanut growers contributed funding for the study, I'm wondering if former president and peanut grower, Jimmy Carter was part of that? If not, does anyone know how to approach/contact him to try to gain his support? Is he aware? Would he help?