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I know I've posted for some food help, but I need more! My PA son who is 15 months old is picky. he won't eat veggies or certain fruits so I've been giving him other foods like hot dogs, mac and cheese and Tyson chicken. The only way he'll eat brocolli is from a Stage 3 jar of Gerber baby food, so that's how he gets some veggies in him. I also have a 7 week old so it's hard to fix homemade food. What are some things you guys buy at the grocery that your child eats? Like I said, Keegan currently eats Kahns Hotgogs, Tyson chicken, Kraft mac and cheese, he's tried Chef Boyardee mini Raviolli (is this safe) but he's not too into it. The only other things he's had are Cheeze-Its and fresh fruits. Oh and he loves the new Fruity Cheerios. So, I need some breakfast, lunch and dinner foods that I can buy. please help!!!

On Sep 27, 2006

I read somewhere here that eggo waffles are safe for PA. double check the label. I think pretty much all Dare products are safe (mind you those are treats) and Champman's has some icecream products that are peanut/nut free (not sure if it's just available in Canada) Lots of m&m meats products are safe too... just double check the boxes and I even ask while i am purchasing and they look in the big book to double check (all desserts are NOT safe though) just the boxed meats.... I love it because it's quick and easy. Black diamond cheese strings are safe as far as I know and so is yoplait sourse yogart... mind you i live in Canada so you may want to double check... Dare also makes crakers too... also I was told Campbells soups are safe but I would love it if someone here could confirm that.... I called Conagra foods and they say most stuff is nut/peanut free and that all allergens are listed.... (chef boyardee, life style spagetti sauce...) I also have had no problems with Kelloggs rice krispies, and regular cherrios... in canada Mars bars are peanut free and so are SOME quaker granola bars, I also eat the whole wheat Catelli pastas and haven't had a problem... sun-rype fruit to go's...and I am told most Dole products are safe but NOT the dates.... ***this is my experience and research please anyone feel free to correct me if you disagree***

... I will try and remember more.... also would love to hear from others as I too am looking for more quick and easy foods/snacks...

On Sep 28, 2006

Here are some foods that my DD with multiple allergies (including peanut) likes: 1. Grilled Cheese I either make in pan or toast the bread in a toaster. I also make it a "Grilled cheese and Ham sandwich".

2. Tortilla Roll Ups. I take ham, turkey, cheese, etc. lay it on a tortilla and roll it up. I serve this with carrot sticks (nice alternative to fries).

3. Cream cheese & jelly sandwich (my DD is safe with dairy). You can buy large cookie cutters and make different shapes. My DD likes the "star" sandwich. I serve this with fruit.

4.Pasta (in your child's favorite shape) seasoned with a little butter and sprinkle with parmesean cheese. She loves this.

5. Check frozen pizza's. I use Home Run Inn.

6. She's eaten the Kid's Cuisine frozen meals safely (likes it for lunch).

7. Because we are very busy, I'll cook a meal and then freeze it so it is on hand in a "pinch." Somthing that freezes well is I make pasta, cook some ground sirloin, add marinara sauce, add some cheese like mozzerella and a little cheddar. Mix it up. Then sprinkle with more cheese cover and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, remove cover and continue to bake for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

8. I also buy the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (that you take out of container and bake). I lay the Crescent roll out and then put a layer of ham & cheese. Roll it as directed. Then I bake it as directed and my kids love it.

9. I like making foods in the crockpot. Put everything together when you have time in the morning and then it cooks all day and ready for dinner.

10. Check the Perdue Short Cuts chicken and see if safe. If it is safe can mix with rice and broccoli.

11. Also check the Tyson Meats that are already cooked (I use the ham).

As we all do, I read every label every time I buy!

On Sep 28, 2006

If you are concerned about not enough veggies going in, as I was with my DD when she was little, try grating carrots and zucchini very very small and sneaking them into your recipes (homemade mac and cheese, breads, etc. I even put them into cookies.)

She never knew!

On Sep 28, 2006

my kids like to dip every thing! try baby carrots with dip ( we use thousand island dressing because of a dairy allergy) and my kids like kosher fish "sticks" they are shaped like little fish, cant remember the brand name. my husband came up with mexican pizza made with totilla shells refried beans olives, green peppers sliced thin, and soy cheese, and salsa on top. they love it and its easy to make and fun to eat. they also eat alot of veggie soup. we make our own but you can ger low sodium kind in the can. my guys also live ants on a log, withc is celery sticks with sunbutter and raisns. they also like apples with sunbutter, like i said they like to dip everything! we also make tuna, and soy cheese (american style) on crackers sprinkled with parsley. with my older daughter its all about prenentation!!! they also snack on cheeros and frosted mini wheats, its sweet so they like it. plus its fortified. oh, my guys also love split pea soup. turkey burgers are a big hit in our house to. that with baked beans and corn on the cob. oh and dont forget spagitti! thats also easy to make. ill try to think of more stuff...

On Sep 28, 2006

When my son was younger he wasn't very picky. He has become more as he gets older.

He would always eat: goldfish yogurt cheese any fruit Kidney beans black beans pinto beans lima beans Quesadilla (very easy to make) pillsbury biscuits microwavable sausage (jimmy dean) green beans with ketchup (yuk) peas (became allergic and won't eat now)

When my daughter was little I used to puree veggies and put in spaghetti sauce or meatloaf. She had not clue she was eating those yucky veggies.

I would be careful with raisins and carrots for choking hazard.

I always had cooked pasta in the fridge and I would just pour sauce on in and zap it in the microwave.

On Sep 28, 2006

i forgot the polish food!! my daughter was the pickest eater until my husband made her kelbasa and perogies and sourkraut with carrots my kids love that stuff!

On Sep 28, 2006

To add on to the above ideas, try pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread. Pumpkin is incredibly healthy. There is a great healthy pumpkin muffin recipe I think in 'What to expect the toddler years'? It uses apple juice and raisins to sweeten and I used to make dozens and freeze them. Luvmyboys

On Sep 28, 2006

i would love to have that pumpkin bread recipe if anybody has it.

my kids were close together as well and i can relate. we steered clear of processed foods and i stuck to fruits, babyfood veggies as long as they would eat them, whole wheat toast, whole wheat crackers, smoothies, quick breads ( like pumpkin, carrot, banana), applesauce, 3-2-1 cookies (oatmeal, banana, and raisons),cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs, waffles, oatmeal pancakes, french toast and of course cherios.

------------------ Lalow James 4 yrs, NKA Ben 3 yrs, PA and MA and SA

On Sep 28, 2006


sorry I have a question/comment for you and you haven't listed your email.

Have you been tested (like a blood or skin test) to see if you are allergic to other legumes (beans/peas/soybeans)?

I ask b/c you frequently use the term "tastes like peanuts" --- I assume you are referring to that yucky aftertaste of a reaction, yet, you aren't reporting having an actual anaph. reaction. So, it could just be a minor reaction and you are tasting it.

Reading through your post of foods --- the thought that you may be allergic to soy or other legumes crossed my mind...and that is why you 'taste peanuts'. You may have another food allergy and you are reacting to that (not peanuts).

Just a thought, I'm meaning to be helpful [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


------------------ 30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

On Sep 28, 2006

I have a 15 month old too and he's become a picky eater. Isn't it fun? There's really no rhyme or reason to what he'll eat or not eat each day... it changes. Keep trying certain foods every week or two.

I've noticed that a little cheese sauce is a magical thing for getting him to eat vegetables. He really loves broccoli and cauliflower this way.

He'll also eat sweet potato, especially if you bake one and then mix a bit of butter and brown sugar with it. You could also cut it into chunks and sprinkle a bit onto it that way. It's naturally sweet so you don't have to add much.

I sometimes mix in some cauliflower or broccoli with his mac and cheese... sneaky and effective.

He really likes a version of Shepherd's Pie that I make. I know you don't have a lot of time to cook (I'm 7 months pregnant and can't imagine how exhausted you must be with a newborn!) BUT if you make a big batch of this one night you can put it into little freezer containers and have many nights of dinners for him. I take a pound of ground beef and a sliced onion, brown this, and then add a can of tomato sauce, maybe a bit of tomato paste or ketchup, some worchestershire sauce, and whatever veggies I have on hand. I often use cut up frozen vegetables for this, this saves a ton of time. I also add a can of condensed vegetable soup to this. Then I simmer it for about 20 minutes or so. I make a batch of instant mashed potatoes (I know, gross, but for some reason he loves them) and I put a portion of the meat mixture into a container, top with a bit of potatoes, and freeze. He gobbles this up and gets some meat and veg this way.

We do Tyson or Walmart brand chicken patties... the grilled kind. They take a few minutes to nuke in the microwave. Then I cut them up, mix a little marmalade or jam with the pieces and serve. He has a sweet tooth and it's amazing what a bit of sweetness will make him eat.

He loves fruit of all kinds so that's a big thing all the time. We get whatever is on sale.

He eats string cheese... I've tried a few brands, you'll have to check the labels but this is a very popular snack.

If you look in the Mexican foods section you can sometimes find tiny star or alphabet pasta. I mix this up with either pasta sauce or even a package of frozen butternut squash that I've sauteed for a minute with a bit of butter and sage. That makes a few servings when mixed with pasta. The squash is really healthy and he loves pasta. It is messy unless I feed it to him but that's the way it is these days.

One way to quickly and easily get some nutrients into him is to make smoothies. I take plain yogurt (not as much sugar, just buy it in the big tub) and mix it with whatever frozen or fresh fruit you have on hand. Sometimes I add a tiny bit of juice and more often I add some milk to thin it out enough to blend. Sometimes I add a bit of vanilla or sugar if the fruit isn't very sweet. He will guzzle smoothies. He will eat yogurt usually when I feed it to him but lately he's pushed me away when I try to feed him. If yours is doing that and you don't feel like going through the mess of him trying to feed it to himself, try this.

Sometimes for breakfast I do frozen pancakes or waffles. Some weekends I make a big batch of homemade and freeze whatever we don't eat. I've heard that Eggo is safe.

He's a big fan of wheat toast with butter and a bit of cinnamon sugar... we do cut up pieces or fingers.

I still will do the baby cereal mixed with some applesauce when I really want to get some nutrients into him easily. He'll let me feed that to him generally because he likes the applesauce so much. Hope those give you some ideas! Sticking with whole foods is the easiest now... and my pediatrician told me not to worry too much if he's not eating a variety of foods right now. It will pass.


On Sep 28, 2006

My picky daughter eats the Morningstar Farms Vege Corny Dogs - they only take 1 minute to nuke in the microwave ! The look and taste like a normal corny dig but have some kind of vege base. Of course not as healthy as real vegetables, but I'll take that over no vegetables at all.

On Sep 28, 2006

My 2 yr ds is pa/egg. I have been your position and it is very hard to find food. For breakfast he does eat eggo origional waffles, kroger brand pop-tarts (strawberry, apple), cheese toast, grits, sausage even the microwavable kind, and canned biscuits. He cannot eat greenbeans we were not tested for beans but he breaks out when he even eats just one.

He like pinto beans. We use the dried ones and put them in the crockpot to cook eat with cornbread. We do a lot of crockpot ideas.

I also think at this age they turn picky anyway. Good luck to you.

On Sep 29, 2006


Originally posted by xoxstacey: [b] Lots of m&m meats products are safe too... just double check the boxes and I even ask while i am purchasing and they look in the big book to double check (all desserts are NOT safe though) just the boxed meats...[/b]

I don't eat any nuts, but sometimes I do eat *may contain nuts* if it does not say *may contain peanuts* and if I know the company distinguishes between the two. At M&M I have eaten a few of their deserts -- but they [i]might[/i] have said may contrain nuts, I don't remember.

Also, you can eat more then just their meats. We make our own chinese food, and one of their egg rolls or spring rolls (can't remember which) is safe for me. They also have really good onion rings and breaded mushrooms.

My husband got the manager to print off a list of all the safe food for me. We still have to read everything every time we buy, but at least now I can look at the list and know something is probably safe.

On Sep 29, 2006


Originally posted by TNAmom: [b]If you are concerned about not enough veggies going in, as I was with my DD when she was little, try grating carrots and zucchini very very small and sneaking them into your recipes (homemade mac and cheese, breads, etc. I even put them into cookies.)

She never knew![/b]

My extremely picky eater ate zucchini which was chopped small in a spaggetti sauce. Grated carrot can also be snuck into spaggetti sauce.

On Sep 29, 2006

Also- just because he refuses to eat a new 9Safe) food, does not he mean he won't ever eat it. You can continue offering a small bite size portion to him. I have read that it is common that toddlers won't try something until it is presented 10-20 times. DD became picky at 18mths- she finally started 'eating' (became less picky) at about 5-6. She's 10 now and her palate has expanded. Her 5yr old sister is a better eater. DH says older DD eats just like he did- I blame it all on him!

On Sep 29, 2006

Since child will eat some Gerber stage 3, suggestions for desperation meal:

Use Gerber (stage 2 or 3?) combos like Turkey-Sweet potato. You can put in own finely chopped, cooked turkey or chicken breasts if you've had time to cook some -- easiest to do in batches (when you have a bit of time) then you pre-chop & freeze in small batches.

I used to use the Turkey-Sweet Potato & thicken it with Gerber baby cereal & wheat germ.

I don't know how much free time you have, but even cooking once per week & getting a BIG batch of something done & divided & frozen will be a life saver. As the weeks go by, you end up with quite an assortment in freezer & it makes life easier.

Hope this helps! ~~~

On Sep 29, 2006

Will he eat oatmeal? Its good with maple syrup and its easy... As was posted before, its good to keep retrying foods...the only thing I would add is to let him see you enjoying the food...how good it is and how much he's missing out... this worked with my kids...although they still aren't crazy about veggies, they will usually eat them without complaining...

On Oct 6, 2006

Thank you all!!! Lots of great ideas! I can't wait to try! What kind of oatmeal is safe??