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With Easter coming up, I was wondering if anyone knows of any Easter chocolate manufactured in Canada in a peanut-free facility. I know Trebor Allan manufactures some of its Easter Chocolates on nut-free lines, but not in a peanut-free facility. Has anyone ever purchased Trebor Allan products? I also called Nestle regarding their Kinder Surprise Easter Eggs. They feel that it is safe, however, because it is made in Argentina, their products are not certified. Has anyone ever tried these?

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On Mar 11, 2001

I guess I'm not going to be of much help to you. I am also in Canada and for Easter I purchase a small amount of chocolate for my 3 kids, one of whom is PA, from the Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Co.

It's the one time a year that I bite the bullet and pay for their chocolate. The prices are high when you factor in the exchange rate, shipping, etc. But I find it is well worth it for peace of mind.

I do use Canadian Smarties for my "bunny trail", I've yet to find a safe jelly bean here in Canada.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 11, 2001

Caterina, I use Trebor Allan candies on a regular basis. I also buy their pre-packaged loot bags for my children's birthday parties. Their line of candies, unless marked otherwise, I consider "safe".

My PA son has also eaten KinderSurprise eggs with no problem at all. I had begun to question them of late only because I know they're not Canadian. But, we have never had a problem with them.

I always find Easter discouraging because it is another special occasion time of year where candies that are normally "safe" become unsafe. For example, Smarties. Smarties on their own are still "safe". But, if you decide to buy a chocolate egg with Smarties in it, then, all of a sudden, it's not "safe".

Now, I believe Trebor Allan and Allan's chocolate are the same people. When it comes to purchasing any actual chocolate for my children I will purchase Allan's as long as it does not have a warning.

I don't know what make they are, but I also feel comfortable buying the little chocolate eggs in foil wrap. The ones I buy appear to be clearly labeled.

I know this has a lot to do with "comfort zones" and whether or not you even feel comfortable with your child eating chocolate. However, so far I have not run into any problems.

Like Katiee, however, I do only purchase a small amount of chocolate for my children. I don't know if PA was factored into this decision or not, but I buy the foil covered eggs for the egg hunt and then one piece of chocolate (last year it was a Volkswagon shaped chocolate). Then, the rest of what the Easter Bunny leaves, or has left in the past, are videos for the kids. I have a few already in mind for this year although I am sure there are alternatives to videos even. I liked the video idea though because if something new is released since Christmas, the Easter Bunny can bring it. The reason that I see as limiting my children's intake of chocolate (as I said above I was unclear about whether PA even factored into it) was that I really don't like my children eating a lot of candy/chocolate. Or, I don't like my children when they do! LOL! I can immediately see, in both of them, the sugar/chocolate rush and I know I'm in for sheer bedlam and much bouncing off walls!

I hope this has been of some help. I haven't checked, but I do know that the person who has the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] website had been planning to add Trebor Allan to his list. That doesn't mean that he considers them "safe". He will indicate clearly whether he considers them "safe" or not. Actually, I should check.

You may want to check there. But, as I say, so far I've been able to do Easter successfully without any reactions. I just make sure I buy products that are from name brand candy/chocolate manufacturers and that especially because it is special occasion time I read the label.

Also you'll probably find that this can be a disappointing and discouraging because you'll see a particular chocolate egg or whatever that you would like for your child and then you'll read the label and discover that no, you can't buy it. I know I did my shopping last year at Zellers and I felt exactly this way except then I spotted the "safe" Beetle Bug cars (which my children love) and that solved my dilemma.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 11, 2001

Caterina, I actually took this information re Trebor Allan right from the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] website, which I hope is okay. And it is true what they say, Trebor Allan does respond quickly to any inquiries. I have contacted them on more than one occasion and always received a prompt response.

Company: Trebor Allan (chocolate and confections). (Information last updated January, 2001).

Subsidiaries (If Any):

Food Allergy Safety Measures: Allergy alerts are consistently placed on product packaging of all "at risk" products. A "nut-free" product listing is also available on request.

Contact Information: Call toll-free, (800) 262-3960, or visit the Trebor Allan web site by clicking on the link, and send them an e-mail from the link on their site. They're very prompt at replying!

Now, as you can see, the website link didn't appear because I don't think I can make it clickable when copying it from one site to another. So, you may still want to visit the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] website. I did it really quickly as you can see from the times between my last post and this one. Just go to their Food Allergies header and then click on specific food manufacturers and then you have the list of companies that they have information on. Click on Trebor Allan.

Also, Caterina, if you do contact them with a specific question, would you be good enough to let us know how they respond?

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 12, 2001

Katie's mom: I noticed you mentioned you couldn't find jelly beans that were safe and now you've got me wondering! We buy no name jelly beans from Fortino's and have had no problems with them. We are egg, peanut and milk allergic. I've never called the manufacturer though perhaps I should!

On Mar 12, 2001

Hi Morgansmom,

I have not bought jelly beans yet because it was on the list of things to watch out for that the allergist gave us although I think he called them "designer jelly beans". The reason for this is they often have a peanut butter flavored kind.

I'd love to find a safe jelly bean to buy. Someone told me that the Starburst Fruit Chews were safe though I've never tried them which makes me wonder if maybe their jelly beans are safe also. I'll have to buy a bag and call the manufacturer.

Cindy, it's great to hear that Trebor Allen Chocolates are safe and clearly labelled. Do they make chocolate bunnies etc? It would sure be less expensive than ordering from the states.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 12, 2001

Thanks for all the info everyone. My PA daughter is not crazy about candy -- Can you believe that? I don't know if its because we rarely buy any or because she just doesn't have a sweet tooth. I just can't believe it since I lived on the stuff as a child. Anyway, she's never really asked for easter chocolate, but now that she's five, she's been asking if I could call the various manufactures to try and find a peanut free easter bunny. I have only felt comfortable with purchasing the 5 peanut-free Nestle chocolates in the past -- Aero, Smarties, Kit Kat, Mirage and Coffee Crisp, but unfortunately they do not manufacture any Easter chocolate. I used smarties for the past 2 years for our Easter hunt. I've received information from Trebor Allan (also manufactures "Allan" products)in the past with a listing of their safe candy, but I've never purchased any yet. I might just give it a try this Easter.

On Mar 12, 2001

Caterina, I now remember this clearly. When I went to purchase my daughter's loot bags for her birthday party in September, made by Trebor Allan, they had a "made in a facility" warning on them. So, to me, that would indicate that they are really labeling their products well. I know that someone else had posted about them not being safe and then I found mine weren't safe. Then, when my son's birthday came in December, lo and behold, the town I'm in still had the old bags "made in a facility". I had to find "safe" ones not in the town I live in. I had also contacted Trebor Allan to see what was going on, telling them that I always bought their loot bags and other candy, etc. They said that that particular run had been done in a facility where there were nuts and they put the warning on. So, I would consider them "safe" as well as Allan's chocolate, as you mentioned.

Jelly beans. Hmm. I know that I would never buy the designer jelly beans because they do have the pb flavour ones. I also know that just for my comfort zone, I would never buy a store brand one unless I was clear that they had labeled properly (remember, I still have an issue about the scotch mints I'm buying for me because I'm not clear about their labeling). For some reason, I looked at jelly beans recently to see if I could get some for the kids and Kerr's are definitely out. All of Kerr's candy now has the label "may contain". It is VERY disappointing. Dare candy does not have the labeling but I am not sure if this is a case of their products being safe or the company is not labeling properly. So, I've actually never bought jelly beans. Kinda sad actually. Something also to follow-up on.

Yes, I consider Allan's chocolate safe. I also consider most of the Nestle line of chocolate safe, but they don't do Easter well (or Christmas or Hallowe'en). It's at those special occasion times that their products become unsafe.

This also has to do with comfort zones. I have never called Nestle to see if the chocolate bars and Smarties I buy are made in a peanut free facility. I just trust their labeling to be correct. The same with Allan's, although from the Trebor Allan website and from my experience, I do believe that they would label if there was any concern.

Katiee, before you change your mind, please contact Trebor Allan and see if their chocolate is made in a facility with peanut/nut products. I would feel absolutely horrible if you did get Wade something from Allan's this year and he reacted. Obviously, you have been very careful in his chocolate consumption and since I haven't been as careful, or my comfort zone is different, I'd like you to double check first.

I guess what I'm saying is never take advice from another PA parent if their comfort zone re a certain thing is different than yours, unless you double check yourself! LOL!

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 15, 2001


Just thought I'd let you know that while I was at Loblaw's this morning I went down the "dreaded" easter candy isle. I picked up a Allen (Trebor Allen) Easter hen and checked the labeling...no indication that it contained and peanuts and or nuts.

I've sent them an e-mail requesting information on their labeling practices as well as a list of peanut/nut free chocolate and treats. I'll post it when I hear form them!


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 17, 2001

Katiee, I already mailed YOU this information as soon as I discovered it, but I need to share it with everyone here too before anyone changes their comfort zone without checking.

Last night I was able to go to the store without the two children. This rarely happens. It is only on these occasions that I am able to check the labels of products that I am not going to be buying at that particular time.

I was in our local small drug store. I saw the solid Easter bunnies by Allan's. I looked at the labeling - "may contain". Both on the small and large size SOLID bunnies. Then, I checked the shelf where they have what I consider a limited amount of Easter chocolate. I looked at more Allan's chocolate. I was especially concerned because of what I had posted here.

At any rate, I looked at Easter bunnies again by Allan's, but not the solid ones. They did NOT have a warning on them.

I also looked at chocolate eggs with Trebor Allan candies in them (this one was Sour Patch Kids) and they were also "safe".

What I would like to suggest, as I am going to do this regardless, is that anyone who is considering buying Allan's chocolate for Easter contact Trebor Allan and find out why the solid bunnies have the warning and the other bunnies don't.

Now, it falls within my "comfort zone" that I will be able to purchase the ones that don't have the "may contain" warning on them. However, it may not fit into other people's when obviously there are other Allan's products (the solid ones) that aren't "safe". I especially liked the fact that I could get the chocolate egg with candies inside. This is what always disappoints me with Smarties every year.

Also, I saw some jelly beans. Dare. They have no warning. They also have some other product for Easter, I think they're very large jujubes, also without warning.

I am going to contact Trebor Allan and I'm also going to contact Dare.

I e-mailed Katiee last night as soon as I got home from the store, especially because she was considering changing her comfort zone based on what I had written. Now, as I say, I am completely comfortable buying the Allan's chocolate as long as it doesn't have the warning, but it may rightfully concern others that some of their products do have the warning. For this reason alone, I want to contact Trebor Allan.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 18, 2001

I have just e-mailed Trebor Allan in regard to the chocolate question I had. I want to know if they have dedicated lines. When I receive a response, I will post it here.

Now, as far as jelly beans, this is the information that I pulled off the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] website about Dare. I have always been really unsure about Dare, but after reading this, I actually think that they are okay.

Here goes:-

Company: Dare Foods (information last updated February, 2001).

Subsidiaries (If Any):

Food Allergy Safety Measures: Non-candy products consistently have allergy alerts where food production safeguards and cleaning precautions on non-dedicated production lines are considered to be inadequate to ensure no risk of cross contamination with food allergens.

In Canada, candy products are made in two nut-free plants, but raw supplies cannot be guaranteed to be free of contamination from potential allergens from other handlers in the supply chain. Some Dare candy products are made and/or packaged by other companies under sub-contracts, and these products carry allergy alerts on their packaging.

Contact Information: In Canada, call 1-800-668-3273 for further information.

In the USA, call 1-800-265-8225 for further information. You may also visit the Dare Foods international website by clicking on the link.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 19, 2001

Hello all,

I just received what I consider a "fantastic" response to the e-mail which I sent to Trebor Allen Canada last Thursday.

In the response from Catherine Baldassare, Consumer Relations, I received a "detailed" list of peanut/nut free products available in Canada. They even went so far as to tell me that if there is no warning an the labeling, there is NO peanut/nut in the facility or product. If the product is manufactured in a plant which manufactures other "peanut" products, the labeling reflects that as "may have come in contact with peanuts or nuts". They also cautioned me that the products leave their manufacturing facilities without having come into contact with peanuts or nuts, however, they can not control the warehouse, shipping and retail conditions under which those products are stored/sold. Also stated was the fact that because manufacturing sites and ingredients may change from time to time, it is recommended that we carefully review the product packaging for ingredient declarations and nut content warnings prior to each use.

If anyone is interested, I'll happily forward the response I received. I did not post it here as it is quite long )about 8 pages)!

You can contact me at:


I sent her a thank you e-mail outlining how impressed I was with their company, their labeling practices and obvious concern for their consumers. I told her how refreshing it was to receive such a detailed response from a manufacturer. Too bad they are not all like Trebor Allen!


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 19, 2001


I also contacted Allan today, but the information I received was a bit different. You mentioned that if the Allan product did not have a warning, there are no peanuts/nuts in the facility. I received a fax from Allen with a list of all their products and they do have various products without a warning, but there are peanuts/nuts in their facility. They do not provide a warning label when the products are manufactured on a dedicated line as they feel that the product is safe. I also asked how far the other products contaning nuts are from the dedicated lines and they said that the lines are separated with curtains or far enough away from the lines with nuts. I haven't yet purchased any of their products, but they sound like they are allergy aware.

On Mar 19, 2001

Hi Caterina,

Well now I am TRULY frustrated! Do you have the name of the CSR you spoke with? Could you forward me the e-mail they sent you?

I'm upset that I received different written information than you did. The e-mail I received clearly indicated that if there were peanuts in the facility, it is reflected in the labeling. My comfort zone is pretty narrow compared to some other people, I have a problem with products manufactured in a plant that also has peanuts. I just don't feel safe giving those products to Wade. What ever happened to "consistancy"? They made me feel that their products were safe. Now I'm back to square one!

I would appreciate the name etc. of the CSR so that I can contact them AGAIN and ask for an explanation.

Thank's for your post. Goes to show that there is still a lot of work to do with labeling in Canada.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 19, 2001

Hi Katiee

I too have a problem giving my daughter products that are manufactured in a plant that is not peanut-free. Though this process is very time consuming, I like to get all the information possible before buying a product. The CSR I spoke to is Rosy at 1-800-565-6317 X3223. The product info I received from Trebor Allan was sent to me in Feb. 2000 and that's the list I referred to when I contacted Rosy this morning. It consists of 2 lists - 1 for items produced on a nut free production line and in a nut free manufacturing plant (this list is basically all of their sugar candy) and list #2 for items produced on a nut free production line but in a plant that produces nut products in other areas (seasonal items e.g. Easter, Halloween and Christmas). Rosy confirmed that all seasonal chocolate is manufactured in a plant that produces nut products in certain areas. Therefore the warning label will be on the products manufactured on shared lines. Hope this helps.

On Mar 19, 2001

Thank's Caterina,

I'll post whatever information I get. I'll be contacting them this evening but given it took them 2 days to get back to me the last time I likely won't have an answer for a couple of days.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 19, 2001

Wow! I am quite disturbed. I have yet to receive a response from Trebor Allan but had asked Katiee's permission to post what response she got on this board, which she gave me.

I do know that when I had to contact Trebor Allan before, it was about loot bags for my daughter's birthday. They e-mailed me back that they had put the warning "made in a facility" because that was the fact with this particular "batch" of loot bags. Unfortunately, it took several months for the unsafe batch to leave Stayner, so I had to go to Barrie to find "safe" ones for my son's birthday party. They also had "safe" surprise bags for Christmas, one of which I sent to a PA friend in California.

I do consider them trustworthy. For some reason I also feel more comfortable with the written word over what a CSR has to say to me on the telephone. It is another instance (and people are going to get sick of hearing this) where I firmly maintain that if we call 10 CSR's of one company with the same question on one day, we will receive 10 different answers. This is not to say that CSR people are ignorant. I have been one (although not with the food industry) and even then I would say that I sought out answers that my colleagues perhaps didn't want to be bothered to (time consuming, work not as finished quickly, etc.).

I also like what I've seen about Trebor Allan on the [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] website. They were only recently added to the list of companies that I believe, Steve, added to his list of companies.

I completely understand different comfort zones re dedicated lines and not made in the same facility, etc. It is rarely that I even see the label "made in a facility" here in Canada. When I did see it, I very quickly came in here and asked about it. The response was pretty well consistent - "made in" was considered the same as "may contain" although the stats regarding whether they actual had any peanut/nut traces were slightly lower than "may contain". I was able to conclude however, that if a company did label in this manner ("made in") I would NOT be buying the product.

When I e-mailed Trebor Allan, I told them specifically that we were looking, as PA parents, for a safe chocolate for our children. I asked specifically about dedicated lines and facilities. I would like to post Katiee's response that she got from them, despite what is going on now, and then I'll post my response when I get it too.

If anything comes of this, at least Katiee will be able to find out in time to order from Vermont Nut Free and we can question this company about their inconsistencies in answers provided to us, be it in e-mails or by telephone.

Also, Katiee, that is why I very strongly advised you to contact Trebor Allan yourself. Although I am comfortable with the information I have received and my children will be receiving "safe" Allan's chocolate at Easter, I would never want another child to have a reaction due to my difference in comfort zone.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 19, 2001

Here is the e-mail reply that Katiee did receive to-day regarding her questioning of Trebor Allan. I get the sense from her post above that there may even have been more than this, but this was all I was able to download and transfer to this site. "Thanks so much for your email requesting a listing of products that do not contain peanuts and/or nuts. At Cadbury Trebor Allan we recognize the concerns you have regarding this issue and have taken steps to ensure that our packaging is labeled in a way that enables you to make an informed purchase decision.

Cadbury Trebor Allan manufactures a wide range of confectionery products for the Canadian market. All products that contain peanuts/nuts will note this in the ingredient listing. All products that do not contain peanuts/nuts but are manufactured in areas where they may have come in contact with peanuts/nuts, include this warning on the product label: "May have come in contact with peanuts and/or nuts".

Products that do not contain peanuts/nuts or do not come in contact with peanuts/nuts will have no declaration or warning on the product label. Please find attached a selection of best-selling non-peanut/nut products. Please note that these items leave our manufacturing facilities without having come in contact with peanuts and/or nut products. However, we cannot control the warehouse, shipping and retail conditions under which these products are stored/sold.

Also, it is important to note that manufacturing sites and ingredients may change from time to time. As such, it is recommended that you carefully review the product packaging for ingredient declarations and nut content warnings prior to each use. We share your concern regarding this issue and hope that this information will enable you to continue to enjoy our products.

Best regards, Catherine Baldassare Consumer Relations"

Actually, in just looking at what I transferred from my computer, it is obvious that Katiee did receive a lot more, perhaps with photographs or proper lists. This is a "good" start however, no matter how this one ends up working out for all of us.

Many thanks to Katiee for her permission to post this.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 19, 2001

Katiee, I just read the info Trebor Allan sent you and am wondering if they provided you with the itemized lists which I referred to in my last post above. These lists clearly state that the seasonal chocoates that are made on dedicated lines and do not contain a warning are made in a facility that produces nut products in other areas. My call to Trebor Allan this morning was to find out how segregated the nut free lines are. It appears that the misinterpretation was from the statement they provided in their response to you "Products that do not contain peanuts/nuts or do not come in contact with peanuts/nuts will have no declaration or warning on the product label". Even thought their facility is not peanut/nut free, it seems they are confident that the seasonal chocolate has not come in contact with peanuts/nuts. However, when I asked Rosy this morning how confident they are, she said they are 99% confident and it was up to the consumer to make the choice on purchasing their products.

On Mar 19, 2001

Hi there, me again!

Well yes they did provide me with an itemized list and after re-reading it, their "seasonal" chocolate is produced in a facility where nuts are used, on dedicated lines.

What I find confusing is that she stated that if it were manufactured in a facility where there are nuts, it would be indicated in the labeling (unless I'm reading this wrong). Well, here's the list foar all who dare try to read it all, I hope it's not too long to post here but I'll give it a try!

Trebor Allan - List 1 - (Embedded image moved to file: pic23927.pcx) Items produced on a nut free production line and in a nut free manufacturing plant. Revised date: October 31, 2000

Product & Size UPC Code |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Regular Items: | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 1 cent | | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 5 cent | | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 55g | 58400 - | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 100g | 938324 | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 190g | 58400 - | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 250g | 990049 | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 1 kg | 58400 - | | Allan Fuzzy Peach 2.5 kg | 487624 | | | 58400 - | | | 939628 | | | 58400 - | | | 019603 | | | 58400 - | | | 902615 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Swedish Berries 1 cent | | | Allan Swedish Berries 5 cent | | | Allan Swedish Berries 55g | 58400 - | | Allan Swedish Berries 100g | 937525 | | Allan Red Swedish Berries 190g | 58400 - | | Allan Assorted Swedish Berries 190g | 990063 | | Allan Swedish Berries 250g | 58400 - | | Allan Red Swedish Berries 2.5 kg | 483022 | | Allan Assorted Swedish Berries 2.5 kg | 58400 - | | | 483121 | | | 58400 - | | | 939123 | | | 58400 - | | | 902011 | | | 58400 - | | | 902318 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 1 cent | | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 5 cent | | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 55g | 58400 - | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 190g | 837009 | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 250g | 58400 - | | Allan TropiCandy Fish 2.5 kg | 489529 | | | 58400 - | | | 839003 | | | 58400 - | | | 905302 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Gummies 1 cent | | | Allan Gummies 5 cent | | | Allan Gummies 55g | 58400 - | | Allan Gummies 100g | 937624 | | Allan Jumbo Gummies 135g | 58400 - | | Allan Sour Gummies 135g | 990025 | | Allan Gummies 170g | 58400 - | | Allan Gummies 250g | 483626 | | Allan Fruit Juice Gummies 250g | 58400 - | | Allan Assorted Gummies 2.5 kg | 489024 | | Allan Sour Gummies 2.5 kg | 58400 - | | | 482827 | | | 58400 - | | | 939222 | | | 58400 - | | | 938805 | | | 58400 - | | | 903001 | | | 58400 - | | | 903407 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 1 cent | | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 5 cent | | | Allan Sour Grape Blasters 5 cent | | | Allan Sour Tangerine Blasters 5 cent | | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 55g | 58400 - | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 190g | 937129 | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 250g | 58400 - | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters 2.5 kg | 486221 | | | 58400 - | | | 939727 | | | 58400 - | | | 902417 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Very Berry Twirls Licorice 275g | 58400 - | | | 843031 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Strawberry Laces Licorice 225g | 58400 - | | | 843017 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Black Licorice Twirls 300g | 58400 - | | | 943212 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Allan Strawberry Twirls 300g | 58400 - | | Allan Gummies Treatsize 240g | 943311 | | Allan TropiCandy Fish Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19733 | | Allan Fuzzy Peach Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19743 | | Allan Sour Cherry Blasters Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19773 | | Allan Sour Patch Kids Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19723 | | Allan Twirls Treatsize 220g | 58400 - 19713 | | Allan Tangy Wild Strawberry Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19962 | | Allan Orchard Pear Treatsize 240g | 58400 - 19754 | | Trebor Strawberry Twists Licorice 400g | 58400 - 19763 | | | 65832 - | | | 043212 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Trebor Black Licorice Twists 400g | 65832 - | | | 043229 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------| | | | | Trebor Bumble Berry Twists Licorice 360g | 65832 - | | | 841016 | | Halloween: | | | Allan 101 Karnival Pops 404g | | | | 58400 - 11890 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+---------------|

** These products leave our manufacturing facilities without having come in contact with peanuts and/or nuts. All items subject to change. Always review package label prior to each use/consumption.**

Trebor Allan - List 2 - (Embedded image moved to file: pic31040.pcx) Items produced on a nut free production line but in a plant that produces nut products in other areas. Revised date: October 31, 2000

Product & Size UPC Code |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Seasonal Items: | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Valentine

?s Day: | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Chocolate Love Bird?s Heart 75g | 58400 - 30110 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Cupids Heart White 75g | 58400 - 30090 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Sweet Heart Chocolate 130g | 58400 - 30151 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Fuzzy Peach Valentines 300g | 58400 - 35630 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Love Bear Jr. 50g | 58400 - 30500 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Heart of Gold Chocolate & Necklace 56g | 58400 - 34161 | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Easter: | | | | | |----------------------------------------------------------+------------------| | | | | Allan Ten Little Solids 100g | 58400 - 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** These products leave our manufacturing facilities without having come in contact with peanuts and/or nuts. All items subject to change. Always review package label prior to each use/ consumption.**


So there you have it, I will still contact them again to get clarification on this.


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Mar 20, 2001

Katiee, wow, that post looks so bizarre, but nonetheless, great! Now, here is the e-mail I received to-day from Trebor Allan. I have to say that I do think that they are okay. I'm also including the original e-mail I sent to them (only after their response) just as an example of the e-mails I write. I know that different people had wanted us sharing what we wrote recently on the board. So, here goes:-

Thanks so much for contacting us again and for your kind words about our products All our products that contain peanuts/nuts will note this in the ingredient listing. All products that do not contain peanuts/nuts but are manufactured in areas where they may have come in contact with peanuts/nuts, include this warning on the product label: "May have come in contact with peanuts and/or nuts". (This warning would apply to products manufactured on common production lines - that is a line which manufactures peanut/nut products and is cleaned before running peanut/nut free products.) Products that do not contain peanuts/nuts or do not come in contact with peanuts/nuts will have no declaration or warning on the product label. These items leave our manufacturing facilities without having come in contact with peanuts and/or nut products. (This applies to two possible conditions. Firstly that the product is manufactured in a plant that does not use peanuts/nuts or secondly that the product is manufactured on a dedicated line. That is, a production line that does not manufacture products containing peanuts/nuts.) The Easter products you mention are labeled differently because they are manufactured at different sites. The hollow products are manufactured on a dedicated nut-free line, that is why they have no warning statement. And as you correctly point out, products that do not carry the nut warning statement, should be considered "safe" for individuals with peanut allergy. It is important to be aware that manufacturing sites and ingredients may change from time to time. As such, we recommend that you carefully review the product packaging for ingredient declarations and nut content warnings prior to each use. We hope this information has clarified our labeling policies for you. Should you or other parents have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations department at 1-800-565-6317. Best regards, Catherine Baldassare Consumer Relations

Subject: Question Re Allan's Chocolate for Easter Dear Sir/Madam: I have been in contact with your company on numerous occasions in the past regarding peanut products in your candies/chocolates. I have always felt extremely comfortable with the quick response I have received to any/all questions. I am the parent of a child that has a life threatening allergy to peanuts. I know that I am able to purchase Trebor Allan pre-packaged loot bags for birthday parties, etc. as long as they do not have the "may contain" warning on them. A lot of parents of PA children will not allow their children to eat chocolate unless it comes from the Vermont Nut Free Chocolate company in the U.S. This is not something I am comfortable with. I feel I should be able to buy my son chocolate from a Canadian company. The other night I was in our local drug store looking at Easter treats. The two solid Easter bunnies by Allan's were labeled "may contain". However, the Easter bunnies that were not solid and also the Easter eggs with Sour Patch Kids, etc. were not labeled as "may contain". Therefore, I consider them "safe". I understand that you do label your products correctly. However, this concern is actually for other parents, other than myself. Is the chocolate that does not have a "may contain" warning on it, run on "dedicated lines" where there is NO chance of it coming into contact with peanut/nut products, or is it run on a line that is cleaned well after a peanut product has been run? Any input you could give me would be greatly appreciated as I would like to be able to recommend Allan's (Trebor Allan) chocolate Easter bunnies, unless they have the "may contain" warning, as "safe" for our peanut allergy children to consume. Thank-you for your time and consideration.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Mar 29, 2001

Has anyone ever contacted the company that makes COMET Easter Candy? The other name I have seen on the package is REGAL. They make the little foil wrapped easter eggs.

------------------ Karalot

On Mar 31, 2001

KarenT., I know exactly what eggs you're talking about! Now, I have NEVER contacted the company re these eggs BUT they are the foil eggs that I buy each year (and have again this year) for the egg hunt. My son has never had a reaction to them. From the labeling on them, I consider them well labeled for some reason. I do know that I SHOULD be contacting them for some reassurance but I also feel comfortable with them for some reason.

However, chocolate is one area of mine where some people may question my comfort zone. If a product looks as though it has been labeled properly (i.e., they may say "may contain cornstarch), I consider that "good" labeling. Also, I don't require that our food is run on dedicated lines. I simply require that it is not "may contain". I know that this stance is drastically different than a lot of people's who are posting here. For this reason, although I have posted that I consider those eggs labeled well and "safe" for my family, you may want to try to contact them to see if they are, in fact, "safe" for you and your family.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Apr 10, 2001

For more information on Easter candy/chocolate in Canada, click on this great link. It includes info on: Trebor Allen (mostly covered in above posts), Nestle, Cadbury and Hershey.