Ear Infections With Allergies?

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2001 - 1:25pm
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pMy question..... Has your childs Allergies affected their ears? My son Is 3yrs old and has had 3 sets of tubes put in his ears, Has real bad Tennessee Seasonal allergies and severe Food allergies.(peanuts,eggs,tomatoes) My ENT DR said that most of the time a child with Bad allergies will have problems with theirs Ears. If this is true that Lucas is living proof./p
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Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2001 - 2:05pm
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I've always been told that children with allergies will be more prone to ear infections. We were lucky with Logan - he never had many ear infections. He did have fluid behind his eardrums for a long time. His pediatrician finally decided his allergies were causing his adenoids to swell and block his eustacian tubes causing the fluid build-up. We had tubes put in and his adenoids out in December. The ENT said his adenoids were huge.
So far so good...

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2001 - 8:21pm
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TDJEVA,I have to agree with your doctor on the ear infections. Christopher has the nut allergy and he has really done well with his ears. He is 14 and has had about 3 ear infections all together. Now my 9 year old has had bad ears from the day she was born and she has a ton of uncontrolable allergies. By uncontrolable I mean trees pollen,mold,cats, She has had 3 sets of tubes in. I hate to say that her allergies are worse than his because it isn't a competition,but actually they are because with him we can avoid the food,but with her a cat can be anywhere. she gets major hives from them. There is a thread already started about this particular topic you may wish to check out I can remember a lot of people responded. Take care claire

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2001 - 10:29pm
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Nope, no problem with ears here at all. My son is 27 months, also highly allergic to dogs and cats, and has had two ear infections so far.
I remember the first time our pediatrician looked in Gabriel's ears; he commented on how "perfect" the layout was and commented that he would probably have very few infections in his life. So far that's been right.
I think there are several factors which determine whether or not your child would be prone to ear infections.

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2001 - 10:51pm
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We have been very grateful that Ben hasn't had ANY ear infections and he is 13months now!!! He has also never had a bottle and i have heard that nurslings have less ear infections.

Posted on: Thu, 01/25/2001 - 9:49am
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When my son was younger he always had a lot of ear and throat problems.


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