E-Belt Questions


We are taking our 7 1/2 very allergic son skiing for the first time. We finally think that he is old enough for him to start carring his Epi-Pen. In the past when he has done any kind of Kids Camp, he was always inside a building, and we were not that far away. He is actually going to Ski School, and will be up on the mountain without us. Of course I am very nervous about this, but my DH thinks that it is time.

I am thinking about buying the E-Belt. I like the fact that it does not hang, but fits flat against the waist. My question is, does the new cases with the twist off cap fit in this belt? Also can't decide if we should get the single or double. We always carry two with us, and the belt would only be for things like Camp or Ski School. Is the Belt for two very bulky. DS does not want it to stick out so everyone can see. Also it is very expensive, is it worth the cost?

Any suggestions.


On Feb 5, 2006

No, the new tube that the Epipen comes in is too big for the E-Belt. Dont worry about durability though - the holder portion of the best can withstand a tremdous amount of force. There is no way it can get crushed or damanged so the pen is safe. We've always only had the single holder which is as wide as the belt itself - about two inches. It easily is concealed with a shirt if you're worried out "looks". As for comfort at first it will feel bulky, just like wearing any belt if you're not used to it. My thought about the single is that we always have the backup/spare near by. The one on his person is the first point of defense and then we have spares at the school office, in my purse, in the house etc. For me the cost has been very much worth it. Years ago we would go through several small fanny packs at $5 or 10 each and they didn't provide any protection and no visibility to the contents. I like the E-Belt because of it's visibility in connection with his medicAlert Bracelet and there is no doubt what it contains. Ours have lasted several years - I think we're on year 3 for the one we have now and no signs of wear.

Definately the best thing on the market we've seen and used.

On Feb 6, 2006

Thanks for the info. I have a silly question. Does the Belt buckle go in the front or the back. I would think that the Epi-pen would get a lot less hits if it were on his back, but I guess it would be easier to access from the front. I can just see himself throwing himself all over. You know how boys can be.


On Feb 6, 2006

We use the medic alert belt. Our son has worn it since JK ( now 4 years) . Have never had a problem with it. He wears his this the buckle at the back, but it is under his shirt or whatever he has on that day. During skiing we put it over his snow pants(the overall type of pants), so it is more comfortable and visable should it be needed. But I always wonder if it is too cold for it to be on him during skiing? Does it spoil the medication? Maybe someone knows the answer to that.


On Feb 6, 2006

Stephen wears his Epipen in front - buckle at the back. He's tried the otherway around and found that it was uncomfortable to have the Epi at the back - can't lean back in a chair for instance.

I know how boys can be and trust me - ours has been put through the paces. As far as "hits", this thing is REALLY sturdy. Any "hit" to the Epibelt that would be hard enough to cause damage woud probably also cause internal bleeding! Seriously - these things are unbreakable!

The only thing you may need to watch for is sand and water. The seal is quite good on the belt where the epi goes in. It fits snuggly, but if sand were to get ground in there I guess it could cause problems. Water - well we avoid that.

We definately think it's worth the money, but do a search on EpiBelt or e-belt - some people on the board have had luke warm experiences and others have used other products successfully.

On Feb 6, 2006

My son has been wearing the e-belt since he was 4. Some days when he gets home from school he forgets to take it off.

He prefers to wear it with the buckle at the back - but it can be worn either way. (Not a silly question at all.)

The tube that the pen is in can withstand up to 1000 lbs. of outside force. That's a lot more then the case the epi-pens come in. I don't worry AT ALL about how many times it gets hit.

My son is on his second belt. We had to replace because he outgrew the belt.