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I underdstand that the general opinion is that Dunkin Donuts is not safe, so I called them and asked about their products. They said they don't make products with peanuts or tree nuts in the stores (the donuts are made inthe stores). The muffins, bagels, cookies, etc. are made elsewhere and do not have peanuts (though, I think she said some have TN). So, my question is, why is Dunkin Donuts unsafe?

On Jun 1, 2004

I've always gotten the same type of responses you got when I question Dunkin Donuts or check the nutrition info on their website.

Yet some people here say that they've seen peanut-covered donuts at Dunkin Donuts.

My only conclusion is that perhaps there are some Dunkin Donuts that are franchised rather than directly owned by the corporation, and perhaps some of these Dunkin Donuts shops offer non-standard items.

I've gone to lots of Dunkin Donuts shops here in New England (MA, NH, VT, RI) and never seen peanut or peanut-butter flavored donuts. I have seen muffins and scones containing tree nuts, however.

Now I do know that the restaurants offer peanut butter as a topping for bagels (instead of cream cheese, butter or jelly), which does make cross-contamination of knives and tables a possibility. But other than those possibilities, I don't have a great answer about the Dunkin Donuts situation.


On Jun 2, 2004

I'm in Indiana, about 30 minutes from Chicago, and the Dunkin Donuts here have had peanut topped donuts since I was a kid.

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On Jun 2, 2004

Hi: I haven't been around much the last week or so, so I missed the other Dunkin Donuts post.

I do let my son (PA only) eat donuts from the local dunkin donuts. It is not exactly something I want him eating a lot of, but if there is a treat-type situation, I do let him have them.

There is a variety in the local store that I always thought was peanut topped, but it turns out it is topped w/roasted coconuts and NOT peanuts. The muffins they carry have other tree-nuts, but not peanuts (I don't let him eat other tree-nuts, but since he is PA only, I am not as worried about the possible cross contamination from tree nuts.)

We have a few kids w/PA in my sons grade, and the local Dunkin Donuts is w/in most of their comfort levels.

I am not advocating anyone eating them if they are not comfortable, just wanted to say that they are not off-limits to everyone.

Hope this helps,


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On Jan 17, 2005

I am wondering if their ice cream cake is safe for TNA/PA person? Their office is closed now.



On Jan 17, 2005

I know I used to get peanut butter cream filled doughnuts from dunkin doughnuts but it has been a while, probably at least 5 years so I am not sure if they have changed their selection or not.

On Jan 17, 2005

Apparently some stores don't sell the peanut topped donuts. In Chicago, where I'm from, all 3 stores that I have been in definitely have donuts with crumbled peanuts on them. The printed label says PEANUT and there is no mistaking they are peanuts. They also have the peanut topped ones here in Korea, unfortunately.

But there are other threads on this topic, and posters have mentioned that in some areas and in some stores they do not sell the peanut kind, which is great.

We actually do allow our son to eat the plain glazed Dunkin Munchkins, even though there are some peanut donuts in the store. It's impossible to live here and have the same standards we have in the U.S.

On Aug 17, 2005

I was in DD today and sure enough saw a big giant tray of doughnuts labeled peanut! I thought that they had gone peanut-free and I was so upset when I saw this tray. I spoke to the Manager and she told me that they have always severed this doughnut. I had never seen it before and DD will no longer be in our comfort zone.

On Aug 17, 2005

Are you sure this was a Dunkin Donuts? Or maybe the peanut donuts are a "regional variation"

They have a very detailed ingredients list at [url="https://www.dunkindonuts.com/aboutus/nutrition/ProductList.aspx?category=Donuts"]https://www.dunkindonuts.com/aboutus/nutrition/ProductList.aspx?category=Donuts[/url]

There is no mention of a peanut donut. If you click on the donuts, you will go to a web page that has a list of ingredients for each donut complete with an "allergy data" chart which lists the major allergens. They seem very allergy aware.


Originally posted by robinlp: [b]I was in DD today and sure enough saw a big giant tray of doughnuts labeled peanut! I thought that they had gone peanut-free and I was so upset when I saw this tray. I spoke to the Manager and she told me that they have always severed this doughnut. I had never seen it before and DD will no longer be in our comfort zone. [/b]

On Sep 8, 2005

YES...This was DEFINITELY a DD. I also saw the peanut donut in another one locally when going in to purchase coffee last week. I was so shocked that I even spoke to the Mgr. who told me that they have always had this donut. The label clearly read PEANUT. I also noticed it was not on the website that is what bothers me the most! I have emailed Dd about this twice and have not received any response.

On Sep 8, 2005

hiya - I've seen the peanut-coated donut (labeled peanut..not the crunch coated one) in a variety of DD's over the years. Most recently in Salisbury Beach, MA. So sad since I was craving a choc-covered donut for the ride home :-(

Not all DD are "corporate", some are franchises and just buy the DD name and ingredients...they have more freedom as to what they offer or do not offer.

All bakeries, bagel or donut or otherwise, are generally off limits to me unless I make specific requests ahead of time (like the Einstein's Bagels in Tucson is very good to me)


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On Sep 11, 2005

I am absolutely furious about this... Please join me in emailing DD. I went into another DD tonight and sure enough there on the bottom shelf was a tray labeled Peanut. I was so angry the attended just shrugged when I asked why this Donut is not mentioned on their website. I asked to speak to the Mgr. who eventually came out ( all the employees were rolling their eyes at me...which made me MADDER) as I explained my issues w/ this peanut donut not being mentioned on the DD site. He mentioned that the ingredients and recipe for this Donut comes from corporate and that they recently got it. He said, "Well, Ma'am it is one of our most popular donuts so I doubt that it wouldn't be on the website" Well, I want an answer from DD. How many people go through the drive-thru thinking that they can order DD safely. The peanut covered donuts were located at the bottom shelf (he made sure to tell me that) BUT the peanuts were all over the placea and right beside the butternut donut and the munchkins!!

I have emailed them and have not gotten a response...pls join me in trying to get this donut put on their website!!


On Sep 13, 2005

I did respond on the main board... Not all DD carry the same kind of donuts. My two dd in town do not carry any peanut donuts. All donuts are made on the premises but the muffins are a mix so while there is a banana nut muffin, they don't have loose nuts in the store. They don't want to carry any peanut donuts b/c of the allergies. However, in MD just down the road there is a DD that does have peanut donuts.

Some DD are individually owned so they can carry what they want. My guess is that's why it isn't on their website. We went thru the drive thru to get munchkins for the kids, asked about the peanut donut, they said they did carry them so we didn't order the munchkins. Wasn't that big of a deal and we explained to the girls why it wasn't safe to eat there.

On Sep 13, 2005

I do understand this but I believe that if some locations can choose to carry a peanut donut than it is an absolute MUST to have it mentioned on their website!!

By TheBolt on Oct 30, 2013

Dunkin Donuts is NOT peanut free or safe for anyone with a peanut allergy. Their stores all use peanuts for many donuts onsite, so there is definitely cross contamination. Corporate will not answer any questions and only will refer to their website. They do NOT say they are a peanut free facility so one must err on the side of caution and no buy from their stores as it is too risky.