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I'm taking my dd to an Easter party this weekend that they will be having bagels and dunkin donuts munchkins for the kids. I've heard from a friend who has twins, both with pa, that they eat munchkins all the time with no problem. Also that she has called cust. service for the company and they maintain that they are pn free. I can't help my anal retentive personality and the fact that I don't trust just anyone with this issue. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this chain of foods in the U.S. (in N.J. in particular). I plan to call dunkin donuts myself, but I still feel more comfortable hearing from people who understand where I'm really coming from, too!!! Thanks alot!

On Apr 2, 2003

Hi, I'm from Massachusetts and my PA/TNA dd eats DD munchkins/donuts with no problems. We only stick to the choc, glazed, jelly and powdered tho. Hope this helps.

On Apr 2, 2003

I don't think Dunkin Donuts in general is peanut free. We have one a couple blocks from our house and the only thing we allow our daughter to have is a hot chocolate (we previously didn't allow even that since they serve hazlenut coffee but she tested negative to hazlenet). However they serve a peanut butter and jelly donut and another type that is sprinkled in peanuts. When talking with the owner they said it was best for our daughter not to eat there as things tend to get a bit messy. On the other hand they did say that what they serve is up to the individual owner and it is possible that a Dunkin Donuts could be peanut free.

On Apr 3, 2003

We don't go to Dunkin' Donuts anymore because they serve lots of donuts/rolls with nuts and on them and all the donuts are near each other on the shelves behind the counter, I'm sure pieces could fall onto the other donuts so we just don't go there, my dd is also allergic to egg so she can't have them anyway. I am only a couple of states from N.J. Do you know the specific store that these are coming from? Maybe you could go in and see for yourself what you think. HTH Tamie

On Apr 3, 2003

I have an acquaintance with a PA dd, whom I have contacted for advice upon first realizing we shared this issue. I know she allows Dunkin Munchkins at least, not sure what else, if anything from there. However, she has a looser comfort zone that some of us here. It came up when I consulted her on school strategies enrolling in preschool.

My dd is also egg allergic, so it has not come up. We get tested in June, so I was thinking about if that might be something we could try.

Haven't I seen banana nut muffins and PB cookies in some of their stores? Becca

On Apr 3, 2003

Dunkin Donuts in our area, Pennsylvania, is definetly not peanut free! They have peanut covered donuts and numerous peanut butter covered and filled donuts. I stopped one morning to get donuts to take to work and even though dd was going to be no where near them, and i don't eat nuts or peanuts at all, i asked them for a dozen assorted but to make sure there were no peanut or peanut butter donuts in the box. They said okay. When I got to work there were 3 peanutbutter donuts in the box. I called and spoke with the manager and very nicely just explained that when people ask for something like that, it's probably because they mean it. I explained that if I had taken that box home to my dd, the whole box would have been bad because they would have all been cross-contamniated then. He apologized and said they do bake a certain way as to avoid cross-contamination and he offered me a free dozen, but I told him I wasn't looking for freebies, just to let them know.

Also, a friend of mine who used to work there said that the dutch crumb munchkins have peanut traces in them because all the crumbs are, are toppings of various donuts all mixed together, and she remembers that little pieces of peanuts would be in there. Just a little info from what I've learned about Dunkin Donuts. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] kcmom

On Apr 3, 2003

I'm in MA and there are many Dunkin Donuts in my area. I checked with the largest & closest one. There are no peanuts in this particular store but one of the muffins does have walnuts in it. My dd (PA only) has had the plain bagels and one plain munchin (didn't like it & went back to the bagel) without a problem.

These stores are individually owned so it makes sense that the menus and processes vary a little bit from place to place. Can you explain the situation and ask which one they are coming from so that you can check it out for yourself?

On Apr 3, 2003

I think I have a wider comfort zone than most people on this board, and we stay away from Dunkin Donuts. Of course, that doesn't mean everyone should do what I do, but I just wanted to give my perspective.

All the DD shops around here have the peanut donuts. We used to buy DD, always ordering "safe" flavors, but one time we found crumbled peanuts in the bottom of our box of donuts--probably the server put a peanut donut in by mistake and then removed it, leaving peanuts behind in the box (they were definitely peanuts--I tasted them).

It seems like the shops are somewhat aware of the peanut danger. Every shop I've been in, the peanut donuts are on the lowest shelf. I suppose that is to prevent peanuts from dropping down onto other donuts. But I question the way peanuts are probably handled during the manufacturing process. I doubt they have adequate prevention of cross-contamination.

I would guess that the plain and glazed munchkins would be among the lowest-risk items in the store, but I personally still consider them "may contain." We don't let our son eat any "may contain."

It is an interesting topic--I'm interested in all the varying viewpoints on this question. I must say, my son ate DD for years without ever having a reaction, but after we saw the peanuts that one time, we stopped. Fortunately, we have access to Krispy Kreme, so that's what we eat now.

On Apr 3, 2003

The Dunkin Donuts by us (in lower CT) does not have peanut donuts (although they do have a banana nut muffin). My daughter attends a pn/chocolate free nursery school and we are allowed to bring in Dunkin Donuts as a treat for the class (just not the chocolate ones, of course). I think you should check with your local shop to be sure. Good Luck!

On Apr 3, 2003

Our local DD has no peanut or nut donuts, but they do have a banana nut muffin. The areas for these are quite separate, so I do allow DS to eat Munchkins.

I have drilled into him, however, that not all DD's are the same, and although he can eat from "ours" that won't necessarily be the case with others.


On Apr 3, 2003

I would NEVER feed Ryan anything from Dunkin Donuts for the same reasons kcmom listed above. When I've taken my non-PA daughters there for a donut (without my son), I always see their peanut-butter filled donuts in a prime location. Just too much of a huge cross-contamination risk for me. BTW, we live in the Poconos.

On Apr 4, 2003

I do not trust the situation at our Dunkin Donuts, either. Too much possibility for contamination, and no one knows what precautions, if any, they take in their kitchens.

I have heard that Krispy Kreme donuts are safe, though. There was whole thread on this board about that a while ago.

My PA son has had Dunkin Donuts, both prior and since his PA dx (can't always expect all relatives to be as 'on top' of things as I am), and not had a problem. But, I always say no (my son is a donut PIG!) to Dunkin Donuts and instead buy him Krispy Kreme donuts from the grocery store.


On Apr 4, 2003

Just so you know, I have called Dunkin Donuts' corporate office twice (about 1 year apart) and been assured that the hazelnut coffee does not contain hazelnuts -- it's entirely an artificial hazelnut flavor.

As far as the donuts themselves go, in my area (eastern Massachusetts), we haven't seen any peanuts on any products in the local shops, although some of the local shops do have walnuts in some of their muffins. My PA son is allowed one donut a week from there as a special indulgence, and has never had any problems.

The Dunkin Donuts web site does list ingredients as well as nutritional info, if anyone has any questions.