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Posted on: Mon, 12/27/1999 - 9:05pm
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Hi Everyone,

For the holidays I had intended to bake a cake and bought a Duncan Hines cake mix. I contacted DH to make the usual inquiries about peanut product being included in the ingredients (even though it wasn't listed on the box), dedicated lines, etc. My customer service rep was, how do I say, apparently annoyed with my list of questions, and curtly offered to send me the "Allergen Sensitive Ingredients in Duncan Hines Products" list. She informed me that all of the mixes were made on the same line but that of course the machinery was thoroughly cleaned between each mix (the same company line that was given to Mark in an earlier post of April).

Yesterday, I received the "list" in the mail. I appreciate the fact she sent the list, but I'm not sure that I trust it fully. The list includes the allergens Dairy, Wheat/Gluten, Egg Whites, "PEANUT BUTTER", Walnut, and Pecans/Pecan Meal. Under the "Peanut Butter" category, the only item listed was "Peanut Butter Cookies (packaged in separate packet)" -- this is a direct quote from the list. I have to wonder if Duncan Hines considers ONLY "peanut butter" to be the peanut allergen, and not all peanut product (ergo, my reason for not fully trusting this list). Has anyone else received a more comprehensive "list" from Duncan Hines?

I will be typing up this list sometime in the next couple of days if anyone should want a copy of all of the allergens/products.

Happy Eating!

Posted on: Tue, 12/28/1999 - 4:40am
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My neighbor called Duncan Hines a few weeks ago and they told her they are completely safe and PEANUT FREE. I told her that was impossible since they make peanut butter cookie dough. She told me well they said they are safe for your daughter (tree nut allergic). Again I pointed out they make German Choc. frosting ( contains pecans). I told her to use common sense and call a company more than once to make sure you get the same answer.

Posted on: Tue, 12/28/1999 - 5:59am
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Another reason not to trust the list ... German Chocolate Frosting isn't even noted on the products list. Oh well - it pays to keep checking. (Sometimes getting to the truth and/or fact is like being caught in a really convoluted X-Files episode!) Keep smiling!

Posted on: Mon, 02/21/2000 - 9:32am
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Since there are lots of kids in our families, my sister inlaw bakes most of the birthday cakes now so we can be assured of a nut free birthday (my 4yr old daughter is PA)!
My sister inlaw called Duncan Hines here in Canada, who stated that their products cannot be guaranteed to be nut free...
however she also called Betty Crocker who has told us that they label all their products and that it can be trusted. Betty Crocker does not have nuts in their cake mixes and they get all of our business for all of our birthday cakes etc.

Posted on: Sun, 11/17/2002 - 9:42am
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It is possible because the current laws do not require manufacturers to list ingredients that are present due to cross contamination. The Kennedy/Lowey Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act would eliminate the loopholes in the law that permit these shoddy labeling practices. Have all of you called/emailed/faxed your Senators and House Representatives in support of this bill? If not, please do so today!

Posted on: Sun, 11/17/2002 - 11:36am
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I would like to let our local officals know about this, what exactly does it say?

Posted on: Wed, 11/20/2002 - 11:01am
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There have been a number of posts on the Take Action board regarding this bill. The FAAN and CSPI websites also have a lot of good information and suggestions for writing to your Senators and House Representatives.

Posted on: Mon, 02/03/2003 - 4:03pm
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Help! I just bought a bunch of cake mixes and frostings from Duncan Hines because they didn't list the 'may contain...' warning - should I throw them away? Are there any safe cake mixes?

Posted on: Mon, 02/03/2003 - 8:30pm
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I just raised 2 threads on Betty Crocker under Manufacturers (Safe & Unsafe)

Posted on: Tue, 02/04/2003 - 12:52am
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Anonymous (not verified)

kellyd, is this information American specific? The reason I'm asking is I'm Canadian AND last year Jesse had a cross-contamination reaction (hives only) to a cupcake made from a Duncan Hines cake mix.
I called Duncan Hines Canada and they assured me that it could not possibly have been the cake mix. However, I do know that it was the cupcake and since I didn't have any icing on it, it could only have been the cake mix. I do know that I would have posted about it here and I also know at that time that other Canadians advised me NOT to purchase Duncan Hines.
Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Thu, 02/06/2003 - 12:13am
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First, I would return the cake mixes to the store and get my money back. I called Duncan Hines last week and asked them about the cake mix because of no warning. The women said that if she had a pa or tna allegy she definately would eat it and that their labeling would be better soon.


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