DS\'s recent reaction - Epi and ER

Posted on: Wed, 05/07/2008 - 2:21pm
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I just wanted to post on my son's recent reaction as it's similar to the previous thread. Sorry this is so long and I know most of it is a ramble but getting it out will be helpful..

On Monday my 4 (almost 5) year old son was with a friend and his parents at the park. He told the parent that he wanted to go home because he didn't feel well. This is VERY unusual for him as he's usually full of energy. When he arrived home he said his throat was scratchy and he just didnt' feel well. The father who had him (a Firefighter)thought he looked dehydrated and hot from the sun - or maybe a virus..

He didn't eat anything. He is allergic to peanuts, all tree nuts, shellfish, egg, many legumes, many pitted fruits, etc etc..

My son gets very upset when he has reactions. He started getting a stomach ache. I gave him benedryl. After 10 minutes or so, no improvement. He was getting more upset - said his throat was hurting, his stomach hurt and he was flushed and crying. I tried calling the on-call allergist - no response. All the time, I KNEW WHAT I SHOULD DO but didn't want to upset him more and be the crazy, overreacting parent..

I just thought it was strange that he didn't have any itching. He has eczema and everything makes him itch. Previous reactions had him nearly scratching his skin off.

I called his pediatrician. The nurse said right away that I needed to give him the Epi. I got really anxious and said "why,are you sure, etc" UGGHHH.. She said, you MUST give it to him. Then I was able to do it - it was the first time I've had to use it and I did use it perfectly. I asked her if I needed to call 911 (Of Course I know I need to call 911!!) Why would I ask this?? She says, no - just bring him to the hospital... (she told me after the fact that she just didn't want me to lose it completely)

Anyway, I knew I should have called 911. But when my firefighter friend came back to my house he instructed me to do so. Isn't it weird that I know most everything I should know about my son's allergies but I feel the need to get "permission" to know that I'm doing the right thing?

In any case, I asked the EMT if he thought the EPI was premature. (I sensed that he thought this) He thought the Doctors office was covering themselves and he really only needed it if he had trouble breathing. Now how come I know this info is false and an EMT doesn't? These types of things make me feel like I'm the crazy one!

We went to the hospital and he required no further treatment. It was very stressful all around.

Anyway, any thoughts on what I did or didnt' do? Thanks for reading.

Posted on: Wed, 05/07/2008 - 3:24pm
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I'm sorry about your son's reaction. It is so stressful and so difficult to know for sure sometimes!
It sounds to me like you did the right thing. I'm glad to hear your first epi went okay; maybe if there is a next time you won't be so hesitant. I still think that is my trouble - not having given it yet.
My DD gets upset during her reactions, too, so I find it hard to determine if she is still red due to her crying, and if her stomach hurts due to worry/fear. But based on the other symptoms you mentioned, I would still think it was a reaction. Remember, too that reactions aren't always the same. That's hard for me sometimes because I tend to think "it's not that bad". But how are we to know it's not heading that way?!
I find that others do try to explain away what we are seeing, even when our gut knows that it is due to a reaction. We just have to go with what we know - we know our kids best! My mom has to keep reminding me to go with my intuition, and the more I question it, the more I should listen.
My thoughts on the EMT....Throw his 2 cents out the window! You are obviously a very informed parent who knows what should be done and lives with this daily. He may be another person who doesn't get it, which I admit is a little frightening since he is a first responder! Perhaps the concept of PREVENTING airway restriction is foreign to him since he is so used to the worst case scenario.
Stick to what you know, and don't let medical people make you question your knowledge. There are a great many that are still in the dark ages about some things. You have every right to ask questions, and I feel even direct your son's care if necessary!
I'm very glad your son is okay. Is he talking about what happened? How did he do with getting the epi?

Posted on: Wed, 05/07/2008 - 3:28pm
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NHMom22, first I am glad to hear your son is feeling better. I would suggest to you to meet with your allergist asap for clear direction on when to use the epi. The hesitation I believe can lead to serious consequences. I also disagree on listening to anyone else but your son's allergist and your mother's instincts. It is too many opinions and self doubt I think that caused the anxiety. I personally disagree with the nurse on suggesting you drive yourself to the hospital. Also I would disregard the emt's comments. If my dd needs the epi I am not going to spend my time worrying what others think I should do. I trust you did the best you could at the time and you gave the epi perfectly.
ps. Welcome to the board. :)

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