DS had a skin prick test on Thursday

Posted on: Sat, 08/07/2004 - 2:01am
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We went to a new allergist on Thursday. He is a pediatric allergy specialist.

We trusted him instantly. He was very thorough in our discussion and spent well over an hour with us. Half way through the appointment he said he was going to do a SPT on Evan, as he completely doesn't trust the RAST test. I was nervous (especially after reading about it here). He said in 25 years he has never seen an adverse reaction to the test (I am not saying that this hasn't happened to others though). I consented to the SPT and he only wanted to do a test for egg white, egg yolk, peanut and brazilnut.

Nine months ago Evan's RAST test showed the following: Egg White= 2, Egg Yolk= 0, Peanut= 2, Brazilnut=1, Soybean= 1, wheat=2... as well as other environmental allergies, etc.

So the RAST test had Egg white, peanut, and wheat on the same category. Well, Evan has eaten wheat every day of his life and is not allergic. He has never had a reaction. I told the allergist that we never stopped feeding him wheat as he hasn't reacted and he replied, "Good!" as the true test of an allergy is whether or not a person can eat the food without reacting.

THIS SPT showed that he is allergic to egg white and egg yolk... they are +2. The brazilnut is also a +2. And the peanut is a +5.

So I don't trust the RAST test either and I believe this allergist. The RAST test determined the egg and peanut allergy as being the same severity. This just isn't so.

I am glad we went to him and felt better when we left than last fall after our appointment with the other allergist. I was left confused and with no clear direction on what was best for our son (Why did he show positive for wheat and soy when he doesn't react to these things?)

I am not saying that the SPT is a good decision for everyone, but we are thankful that we had this appointment. It was a good decision for us.

Posted on: Sun, 08/08/2004 - 11:18pm
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My allergist has the same attitude about the RAST. When we originally did skin testing, we did not know that my son had a peanut allergy and i wasn't aware of all the different tests, etc. He did the environmental tests only so he could make the serum for allergy shots.
Later, after i realized that he had the peanut allergy and learning about the other types of tests, he said that his opinion was that skin test is the most reliable. Furthermore, since he had a reaction to peanuts it didn't really matter what any test said, we know he is highly allergic to them.
My son also showed an allery to egg whites and soy, but only reacts with skin irritation if he touches a raw egg or touches something in a soy base. I do not eliminate these foods although his eczema would probably improve if i did.
He tested a 4 for soybean and 18mm for peanut. I try not to get hung up on what it means, i know he cannot eat peanuts, but tolorates soy and egg white.

Posted on: Mon, 08/09/2004 - 12:58am
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That is interesting what you said about knowing about your son's allergy because of his reaction to peanuts. That is one of the things the allergist focussed on... what has he reacted to and is he still allergic to those things. Basically if the result is a 1 or 2 and he has never reacted to the food, my allergist does not consider those to be allergies.
He did mention that there isn't a test for Ibuprofen but because my son had an anaphylactic reaction to it in May, we need to assume the worst and never let him have it again (along with ASA as they are related).
Thank you for your response!
Take care,

Posted on: Mon, 08/09/2004 - 9:35am
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My son had an allergic reaction to Ibuprofen when he was about 12m-15m old. But has since had it (acidenally)& was fine ?? So I don't know what to think about that...
As for the egg & peanut his results were
Egg 2+ (2mm)
Peanut 2+ (2mm)
but got raised areas for each allergen even though he is not allergic because he has sensitive skin.
Egg 2.45 IgE
Peanut 49.9 IgE
Tuna Boarderline
We will have him retested this fall

Posted on: Mon, 08/09/2004 - 3:20pm
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Hi kkeene,
Was your son's reaction to Ibuprofen anaphylactic? That is encouraging that your son no longer reacts. My son's reaction in May to Ibuprofen is by far the worst allergic reaction we have witnessed. Hopefully we never need to find out if he is still allergic!! I would rather not see that again.
So your son's RAST showed that his peanut allergy is worse but the SPT showed it isn't worse than egg? Interesting... my son's was the opposite. I don't think any testing is 100%. We have to trust our doctors and our instincts because it just isn't clear cut what these test results mean!
Thanks for your reply,

Posted on: Tue, 08/10/2004 - 12:50am
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My son first reacted to Peanut the first known time. His reactions were as follows
Peanut (10m old) Red patch on chin & 1 hive (faded fast) Then woke from a nap with swollen eyes--rushed to urgent care & they shot his with an epi asap with out examining him. (he kept his binky in the whole trip to the centre & didn't show sighs of breathing issues) I was told it was still an anaphylaxic reaction.
(thinking back he had had 1 time where he got really sick & was throwing up, it was the only time he had a waffer cookie with a peanut warning, he was 9m at the time & also he had an asthma flare up around 9m too when I had lots of peanuts/nuts around xmas, so perhaps there were his first reactions & I didn't know at the time)
Egg (25m old)
He was playing with an egg shell he took out of the trash & as soon as I noticed he had it I saw hives. He was licking his little fingers clean & got hive around the mouth... then on the arms & I am sure I heard him breathing louder, his wan't having breath trouble just I am sure it was louder.. I gave him Benadryl & rushed to the Dr's. While at the dr's he broke out with hives on his eye lids. He had always had cronic deihrea (sp) that i believe was a reaction to egg.
He little & I gave it to him for teething & his eye lids got very very puffy. It was very scary because it was the same as with the peanut...
Dr said he could not be tested for this...but he acidentally got a pill of mine & sad candy & popped it in... I grabbed it out & he did manage it bite it & break it so he ended up eating 1/4 of the pill. I caled the dr's & they said because he got what would be considered a childs amount to just watch him closely if I saw a reactio to call 911 & give benidryl...Very scary day but he was fine. (I would never have given it to him & I have a very clean & safe house & never have med. in reach, it was just one of those things that happen & low & behold it was Ibuprofen what are the chances?)
Looking back I would have to say his egg reaction was the wrost (system wise) but it was the peanut that scared me more because he was so little & I know nothing at that time. Also it just looked so much worse with the large swollen eyes. I was scared with the ege reaction to but I was able to look & react to his reactions & felt in control (until I got to the drs & thats where I got emotional & refused to leave until his reaction stopped & faded away!!!)
I find it interesting that they tell me he will likey out grow the egg because it was such a low reading (rast) & that peanut is likely a life long thing when you really look at the reactions, keeping in mind that rast can give funny readings.
The whole thing confusses me & just keep him clear of it all.
I did take him to an alternative Dr for the Naet treatments & they have really seened to help him seem healthier & hopefully his next rast & skin tests with be better for it.
I will be sure to keep all posted.

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