Dr. Koop; Eating Peanuts While Breastfeeding



I subscribe to the email newsletter from Dr. Koop, and I ran into this today!

On Jul 31, 2001

Thanks for the info! I printed it out for my DH to read. We just found out my 3 year old is PA - I suspect that my DD's allergy was caused by my eating peanut butter and nuts all the time while pregnant (had gestational diabetes - it was a major staple of my diet). I also nursed for 11 mos. and ate nuts then too. Second pregnancy I didn't eat as many or nurse at long - child has asthma but no known food allergies yet. Praying she doesn't have PA too. Scared to death to find out! Thanks again.

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On Aug 4, 2001

I thought it was interesting. Having ate Reeses cups my whole pregnancy, I also suspected that was my son's problem, even though our allergist said allergies are inherited, and I am only allergic to cats!!