DOT considering peanuts on flights - please let our voice be heard


The US Department of Transportation is considering peanut allergies in air travel:

This is a chance to make your voice heard! Comments may be submitted here:

I hope you all will submit something and cast a vote for peanuts being an issue when traveling so we hopefully can make some change with the airlines and make traveling safer for our kids. Please forward to all your friends with pea(nut) allergies.

By jillypill on Apr 25, 2011

We had our first experience this past Saturday, with our 5 y/o son having an allergic reaction to peanuts brought onto our United Airlines flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles. It was 5 of the most intense/stressful hours. I did not know to ask for a peanut free flight. Thankfully I had enough Benadryl for the flight and didn't have to use the Epipen. The flight attendant made the guy put the peanuts away, our flight was early and we were able to get him off the aircraft. Definately a lesson learned. The thought of what could have happened makes me shudder!