Don't trust Stouffer's


I have frequently bought Stouffer's frozen meals in the past, as their labeling seemed pretty clear. The red flag went off in my head when I noticed they are owned by Nestle. I called and was given a 2 minute script about how some products contain nut, which shifts clean the equipment, and then he followed it up with "you have to use your own judgment."

Ummmm, okay, not going to do that ... I'm just not going to buy your products anymore since you don't label for cross-contamination.

By cervonil on Jun 18, 2010

God, I hate when they don't label! So frustrating!!

By smaug20000 on Jun 23, 2010

I don't buy their food much, but I did think their mac and cheese would be ok. I guess I won't get that any more either.

By Bassball23bb on Jun 23, 2010

I used to eat their lasagna meals until I called one day and they told me the same thing. Ridiculous!

Even though I never had a reaction I now stay away because apparently anything goes with Nestle and they don't think it's necessary to label for anything!!!