Don\'t trust anyone!


Over the weekend, I had a full-blown anaphlaxic attack due to a candy that had crushed hazelnuts. I ended up in the emergency room via a 911 ambulance, had to have an iv benadryl drip, steroids, and epinephrine administered to me.

Not a lot of fun!

We were invited to a new friends house for the evening. They offered cake and candies to us. As a 41 year old, I am suspicious and scrupulous in making sure than anything I injest is nut free.

These candies had trouble written all over them, so I asked my new friend if they had nuts in them. I also explained that I had a severe allergy to them. He assured me that they did not have nuts in them!

You can all guess what happened next.

Lesson learned. Never, never trust anyone unless you can read the ingredients. It's not worth it. Better to insult them and lose a friend than lose your life!

Jerry Y.

On Jun 14, 1999

I'm so sorry to hear of your reaction and am glad you made it through such a horrible ordeal. I tend to agree with you. My son had a reaction at a playgroup because I "trusted" the host, an ICU nurse who knew full well what anaphylactic reactions are like, that a pastry item was peanut-free. As it stands, I will never trust anyone again unless I read the ingredients. You're right. Better to lose a friend than lose a life.


On Jun 14, 1999

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad you're okay now!

How old were you when you discovered your peanut allergy? From reading the many posts on this board, you can tell a lot of us have small children with this allergy and for me, reading how the adults with this allergy cope, really gives me some direction for my 5 year old peanut anaphylactic son.

Your last statement in your post is a powerful one--how true it is!

Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Stay Safe!

On Jun 14, 1999

Hi Connie,

I was 4 when I discovered that I had this condition. Curiously, I can eat peanuts, but I am allergic to tree nuts.

Anyway, my father brought home some pastries from the bakery which had nuts on top. I went over to them and plucked a nut off the top of one of them.

I immediately started swelling up, so my parents rushed me to the doctor, who administered a shot of adrenalin.

I have had several episodes during my 41 years, but this last one was by far the worst, probably due to my "advancing" age.

In the past, I have never vomited, but this time I couldn't stop! My face swelled, I had trouble breathing, my toes tingled and my chest flushed completely red, and I was basically "out of it".

The one good thing that came out of it is that I got 2 epi-pens, which I had previously heard about but never bothered to get, because I was always so sure that this would never happen to me again.

If you have any other specific questions, please let me know, I would be happy to help in any way I can. I am so glad I found this website, I know I am not alone.

I actually feel somewhat fortunate in that avoiding tree nuts is much easier than avoiding peanuts, which are so much more prevalent in "regular" foods. Avoiding tree nuts is relatively easy because they are mostly found in desserts.

I just can't believe I let my guard down.

You never stop learning, I guess.

Take care.

Jerry Yedlin in desserts

On Jun 14, 1999

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for answering my question and sharing your insight.

Don't beat yourself up about letting your guard survived the exposure and the people around you at your friend's house learned first hand that food allergies are to be taken very seriously and could have had a costly effect!

Thanks again for sharing your experience--I'm sure being able to talk about it helps you cope with what just happened to you just as much as it helps us to read about it and learn from it.

Stay Safe!

On Jun 14, 1999

Thank you, Jerry, for sharing your experience with us. You made note in your post that you are allergic to tree nuts - FAN reported, a couple of months ago, a tragic death from a tree nut in a vegetarian burger.

I agree with you - do not trust anyone! Read the labels for yourself!

On Jun 17, 1999

Jerry, Well, I know you're older and wiser now, but you know what I like to do? (allergic to most treenuts, as well, and 14 month old is allergic to peanut) Whenever there's a party/event and I'm unsure of any dessert etc., I treat myself big time when I get home, with something safe, like safe chocolate or something homemade. Makes me feel a lot less "deprived" and not so tempted to be "foolishly trusting", as I have been once or twice. (or I can just fool everyone into thinking I have a lot of willpower on top of food allergy . . .) Carolynn

On Jun 18, 1999

JERRY W, i was just wondering how your new friends had responded to the emergency. Are you still friends? if you don't mind telling us all I would like to hear if they accepted any responsibility for this.

On Jun 18, 1999

JERRY W, i was just wondering how your new friends had responded to the emergency. Are you still friends? if you don't mind telling us all I would like to hear if they accepted any responsibility for this.