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Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 10:38am
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Here's a question: if the new members are legitimately looking for a dialog, why are none of their email addresses available? With the exception of MansonsMommie (not sure of the spelling), whose address is [email]manson@hitler.com[/email], which is 'nuff said. What's the deal guys?

Posted on: Sat, 06/29/2002 - 11:58pm
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Quote:Originally posted by Kim M:
[b]Here's a question: if the new members are legitimately looking for a dialog, why are none of their email addresses available? With the exception of MansonsMommie (not sure of the spelling), whose address is [email]manson@hitler.com[/email], which is 'nuff said. What's the deal guys?[/b]I didn't make mine available because I don't want additional spam from bots that search out e-mail addresses like flies searching for warm, gooey poo. If you want to engage me personally, feel free to e-mail me at peanutmail (at) rightwaynews.com.

Posted on: Sun, 06/30/2002 - 12:46am
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Peanuts Rule,
If you are such a nice person, then why would you choose to copy my user name? (Oops you use a O instead of 0 . I am not a parent either that makes our school peanut free nor his classroom peanut free.
Our principal sends out a letter at the beginning of the year telling the parents of his classroom only that there is a child that has a severe peanut allergy that they ask for consideration when sending in snacks. The only thing that I have asked for at the our school is that my child have a safe place for him to sit in his classroom and in the cafeteria.
Last year we had another child who actually brought in "PEANUTS" to his classroom. Did I freak out, no! I am not a hysterical mother to her child. If you ever bothered to get to know more of us you would find out that I do not even have a DARLING DAUGHTER, (because she didn't make it into this world!) I only have DARLING SONS!
I don't believe that you have compassion for others or you wouldn't have invaded me the way that you did. (copying my user name and posting your other crap). I decided that I would not take your invasion of me personally, you are doing a job for some nasty website that you charge money for to get into the forum, so that you don't have to deal with so many other "humans" that go through the crap your site puts up. You can pick at me all you want.. go ahead!!!
I will pray for you becuase you need help!
I understand your views also, I take my pa child to places that sell peanuts (baseball, hockey, and the circus), but that is my choice. My darling son is not airborne allergic. I treat him the same as I do my other children except for the multiple food allergies that he has. When I make dinner for my family I have to make two meals at times because of his food allergies. He is not allergic egg, soy or milk that so many others are,but many other different kinds of foods. My DS doesn't sit and wallow in pity nor I do for him.
I did inform him that he "CAN" die. I know others choose not to tell their children this, but he does know the seriousness of his allergy. I don't hide the truth from my children. THey need to be realistic in life with the "cruelity" of other human beings and sometimes what life has instored for us.
Respond if you must or don't respond like you choose to ignore my other post.
I will pray for you, because you are disturbed and need all of your prayers. God Bless YOU!!!
me [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
[This message has been edited by Renee111064 (edited June 30, 2002).]
[This message has been edited by Renee111064 (edited June 30, 2002).]

Posted on: Sun, 06/30/2002 - 5:34am
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I find it hard to believe you would be upset by this. I found some things funny, some not at your site. I don't think it is simple satire though. Seems to be at the expense of others. Ha, ha. Also-Manson, Hitler, some of the comments made by those that followed you here? Really very funny stuff (sarcasm noted?).


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