Don\'t be afraid to complain


If your local grocery store has unsafe displays of peanuts, let them know. But don't complain to the clerks, talk to the manager, or better yet email the head office. You will get results because I've done it. Now I can feel safe taking my son grocery shopping, (what a big relief.) I also do not have to worry about buying fruits and vegetables that may have come into contact with loose peanuts.

Complaining can be another method of educating people. The more we make our voices heard, the safer our children will be.

By the way, the grocery store that took my complaint so seriously and almost immediately changed the way they handle peanuts, was Sobeys, (Canada.) I'm a loyal customer now!

On Aug 12, 2001

I totally agree. However, I took my approach from the other side of the fence. One supermarket nears me serves peanuts in open bins, the other keeps them under wraps in individual packages. Of course, you know which one has my business. I praised the produce manager for keeping his department peanut allergy friendly (he says he really does it for cleanliness) and took my praise to the store manager who was very appreciative.

I did complain about the open bins at the other store, which did nothing. Oh well. They lost a lot of business from me because I spend a lot on food. Their loss is the competition's gain.

On Aug 12, 2001

River, I think I'm going to take your advice! Our local WalMart had never had open peanuts until just recently... we walked past about 5 feet away and my PA son had a horrible airborne reaction! He could not eat for days because he had hives in his mouth even! I wasn't sure if I should say something or just not take him to Wal Mart... but of course I will not be able to buy any produce there. Well, today I was there by myself and stood off to the side observing and watched an older man walk over and pick up a handful of peanuts and then put them back down and then proceeded to walk around and touch several other things before leaving the area!!! UGH! I wanted to pick him up and shake him and ask him if he realized what he was doing!!! (I did however restrain myself : )

Anyway, thanks for the post... I'm gonna have a talk with the manager. Probably won't do any good, but at least I'll know I tried!


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On Aug 13, 2001

And people wonder why I wash my son's produce off with soap and water! I always see kids in the seat of shopping cars eating PB items and their siblings are all over the fruits and veggies. I try to pick my stuff from the top of the bins to avoid "dirty hand pickings" but still need that soap and water to ease my mind.

We're in the same neighborhood, neighborgal--Yuck!