Donato\'s Pizza


I believe they're a sister contacted them for me and they said there were no pnut products, but because of some other threads I've read here about regional differences, when my mom and I went in to order, I asked the order taker to please check what kind of oil they used. She came back from the kitchen and said they don't use any oil, that the pepperoni has oil but they otherwise don't use it. I said, do you oil the pans? What about the dough ingredients? She said they use frozen dough so they don't oil the pans. I said, you're telling me there's no oil in the dough? She looked really uncomfortable...I could tell she didn't know, but I am NOT STUPID and I know there's oil in pizza dough! Duh!

DS is not that crazy about pizza, so Mom and I ordered a small one for us, took it home, and fed him some good home-cooked safe food, but I will definitely never eat there again, and I'd advise everyone to stay away on the "ill-informed and don't care a fig" basis.

On Aug 1, 2000

I called our local Donato's about 3 months ago - they said there are no peanut products used in the making of their pizza, BUT their sub buns and breadsticks do contain peanut oil. Also, they offer a Hawaiian Pizza variety and one of the toppings is almonds. We've since found two other pizza places that are safe for my p.a. daughter, so we order from them, since there's no chance of cross-contamination.