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Does anyone know if Domino's Pizza is safe for a PA person? Has anyone had any experiences eating their food/pizza?

On Mar 21, 2001

We used to order Domino's every Friday night for dinner. My son had absolutely no problems at all.

We now buy Tombstone frozen pizza at the grocery store. My son LOVES this pizza and has no problems at all.

On Mar 21, 2001

We ordered Dominos a few weeks ago and my son had no problems.

On Mar 21, 2001

We usually get our pizzas from Domino's. We have asked and they use no peanut products. We have had no problems.

On Mar 21, 2001

Thanks, all for your reply. We are going to order it for my PA daughter's 3rd b-day party this weekend, and I just wanted to make sure no one had any bad experiences. I feel reassured now, though will still likely call our local Domino's to confirm safety.

Thanks again!

On May 18, 2001

I just called my local Dominos and the manager told me she remembers the owners telling her there aren't any peanut or tree nut products there at all. I think we're going to try it for dinner tonight. I hear the Cinnasticks are delicious!

On May 23, 2001

I am so happy to find this site. We have avoided all pizza, except Tony's frozen pizza, which is completely nut free and made in nut-free plants, by the way. I am so excited that my 21 month old can enjoy Domino's pizza now.

On Nov 27, 2001

[url=""][/url] or (800)DOMINOS

I plan to contact them today for an update, their customer service hours are Tues.-Sat. 2:00 pm-10:30

I hope to post their response ASAP!

On Sep 5, 2002

I spoke with a rep named Matt at Dominos Pizza today and he told me they do not use any types of nuts or nut products in their foods. He is also mailing me an ingredient listing for their pizzas. [url=""][/url] (800) DOMINOS

On Sep 9, 2002

Had to reply to this post. We called Domino's yesterday to ask them about their new chicken wings. When we asked them what oil they use to fry them the person said they don't fry them they just put them in the oven. So we asked if they came fried and she replied "I think so". So next we asked (was like pulling teeth at this point) if she knew what oil they were fried in and she replied "I dunno". So now we had to ask her to ask her manager, again the reply was "We don't know". So finally we asked could she check the package they came in to see what the ingredients listed she simply replied "No". To clarify we asked if there were no ingredients listed or if she just wouldn't go check she said she just wasn't going to go check. I guess that's the last time we get pizza from there. Sorry about the rant but I just had to vent. I hate it when a business doesn't understand the concept of customer service. Of course none of this means that Domino's is unsafe, just that some of their shops are unfriendly.


On Sep 9, 2002

Greg, thanks for posting, and sorry about your bad experience. I understand what we are dealing with at the store level, so I always contact the corporate office to get the answers that I am in search of.

Did you contact Domino's corporate office with this concern? I am curious to find out what they say, please post their response. Thanks! [img][/img]

On Sep 10, 2002

A few years ago we got a domino's pizza with a fly baked into it. It was like pulling teeth to get our money back. They kept insisting they would make us a new pizza. No thanks-I wasn't in the mood for pizza anymore. I haven't been back to dominos even when we had coupons for free pizza. That says alot because I'll get just about anything with a free coupon. [img][/img]


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On Sep 11, 2002

we go to dominos for our pizza and no problems. but i did have to specifically ask the staff (who said yeah, no nuts in the pizze, but really had no ingreidents list) so i asked for the number of the owner/manager who didn't have an ingreident list, who then gave me the 800 number of their regional supplier. this person nicely checked and read ingredients to me, then sent me an ingredient list. they were helpful, but then told me that if i am at a dominos in another state/region, that i should probably recheck, since they only provided supplies for the dominos in this metro area. I guess i am saying make sure you ask for management/owners right off, and if they don't know then try to go higher up. It took a few phone calls and some time but now i know i can get us pizza.

On Sep 13, 2002

We've ordered from Dominos and have had no problems - my son is PA and TNA. I did talk to the manager and asked him several questions, as the staff sounded young and not so informed about allergies. mae [img][/img]

On Sep 13, 2002

An update on our problem with Domino's. After the episode I mentioned I emailed Domino's home office. I mentioned how disappointed I was in the treatment we recieved and how we couldn't eat there without the information. I told them I was angry that the store felt my business and my daughters allergy wasn't worth taking a couple minutes to read a label(I kept the tone of the letter pleasant though). I didn't hear back for a few days so I figured we were getting the old brush off. Well today my wife recieves a call from manager of the store we had the problem with. Apparently the home office called the store after recieving my email and told them they need to take care of this problem. The manager told us the person with the attitude had been let go, this had been the last in a whole string of problems with the person, and he offered us a free dinner on them whenever we want. He also read my wife all the ingredients we had originally asked for. The good news was that their Chicken "kickers" were cooked using Canola,Soybean, & Coconut oil so we feel they are safe for our daughter to eat. At least for us this store managed to redeem itself

On Sep 16, 2002

Thanks, Greg, for posting your update with Domino's!

We have always ordered Domino's & Pizza Hut pizza's with no problems but we have not ordered any of the items on their menu except Pizza.

It's great seeing your name around the boards again! [img][/img]

Welcome back!

------------------ Stay Safe!