Dominion selling Peabutter


We have been having a very hard time finding Peabutter lately. The last time we found it we bought five jars, and I'm on the last one.

Today we were at Dominion. They seem to be getting quite serious about having peanut safe products, and so I decided to check what pb alternatives they had. I checked the peanutbutter shelf, which is where I usually find peabutter or soybutters, but there was nothing there. [b]Then, I looked through the jam section, and I found Peabutter there.[/b] I have bolded that so that people see where to look. I think it was $5.25 per jar -- not cheap -- but oh so good. [img][/img]

On Jun 12, 2007

HI, I've never heard of peabutter. This may be a dumb question, but what is it made out of? Is it better than sunbutter. I actually don't mind the sunbutter & I think it's quite good.


On Jun 12, 2007

Peabutter is actually made from golden brown peas. It's the best pb substitute that I've tried.

I can't compare to sunbutter because I've never tried that. Is it made from the sun. [img][/img] (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

On Jun 12, 2007

I find it very "sticky", although not thick. I either have to drink lots while I am eating it, or I mix it with honey. Adam still won't even try it.

On Jun 13, 2007

Adam won't try the peabutter or the sunbutter?

Maybe it's the stickiness that makes me like it. [img][/img] I miss the taste, smell, and texture of pb. This stuff has similar texture and taste -- but not the smell.

On Jun 13, 2007

No, I think he is scared, and I certainly respect that.

On Jun 14, 2007


I'm extremely glad there are alternatives available for those of us that want it -- but honestly, it's NOT important to eat it. I hope your son is OK about being around it when others eat it (knowing that it is not pb), but I wouldn't even push that. If my child was allergic to peanuts and having an alterntive in the house gave him anxiety, I'd give it up in an instant.

BUT, as I said, I'm glad it is now available and safe for those of us that want it. [img][/img]