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Dog Flea & Tick Collars

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We put a flea & tick collar on our dog. Then I started noticing my scalp was itching every night. The collar had some type of odor...not sure if it was a fragrance or the repellant chemical.

Anyway I threw it away as a test and my scalp stopped itching.

So, watch out for that one. (I guess I will just go back to picking off the ticks...)

On Jun 11, 2003

I think I'd rather itch than pick ticks! That one gives me the creeps! Did you change shampoos or hair products? I feel like a detective all the time around here when my 3 year old PA son has an asthma flare-up or severe croup - Did he eat this? Did he touch that? Where did we go? Maybe you can try a different brand of flea collar. Good luck.

On Jun 11, 2003

Have you tried the new topical from the vet called Advantix (or something like that) we have never had a problem with the vet stuff.

On Jun 11, 2003

Someone told me there is a oral med they can take from the vet...anyone used this for their pet?

My scalp itching continually is a sign of an impending allergic reaction. I used to do this when I would have a reaction to my allergy shots.

The collar is gone and I am not itching...

On Jun 13, 2003

My dogs take year round heartworm which is enough poison I think in their systems. The oral med you are talking about I believe is called Program and is only a birth control for fleas. The fleas bite your dog and become sterile ending the life cycle, it does not prevent fleas or kill them. I don't believe it does anything for ticks either. I have always used and trusted Frontline, my kids are VERY sensitive to lots of things and have never had a problem. When I was a groomer I always recommended owners use Frontline, as I personally have found it to be a safe and effective choice for our house. There is a new one out called Advantix that also takes care of the West Nile/mosquito aspect in addition to fleas and ticks. We have not tried it yet, maybe next year. Just so you know the OTC flea spot ons sold in department type stores are usually pure pyrethrin(the chemical ingredient in flea shampoos) I have seen bad reactions to this stuff, worth the money to get the good stuff. You can find it online for about half the price of a vet office.